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Friday, March 26, 2010

[News] hyung joon request his brother group song ‘binggeul binggeul’

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Hwaseung OZ (HS OZ) (www.hsoz.co.kr) Lee Je-dong is currently preparing for a special ceremony.

Lee Je-dong participated in the 2010 MSL Season 1 held on 25th at the Seoul Youngdeungpo-gu Munrae-dong LOOX Hero Center with his winner status.

(Hyungjun part only)

Lee Je-dong’s chosen song is boy group UKiss’ Binggeul Binggeul, he will dance their song dance.
On the 25th morning, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun went to the HS OZ venue itself to convey his special request. Kim HyungJun who needed to shoot MBC variety programme “SS501 Hyung Jun becomes a progamer” went by the Hwaseung OZ (HS OZ) venue and paid a short visit. After he knew the ceremony timing news, he specially made a special request to Lee Je-dong. He specially requested the song Binggeul Binggeul by his blood brother Kim Kibum’s group UKISS to be chosen as the background dance music for the special ceremony.

Soon after Lee Je-dong accepted the suggestion of Kim HyungJun, he immediately went to download the video of the dance on the net, and then began rehearsing for it. Whenever he moves by car from the HS venue to his ceremony venue, he always works hard to grab any opportunity to practise the dance so as to keep to his promise with Kim Hyung Jun.

Lee Je-dong said, “Though have been practising speedily for it, I still don’t have confidence how well I could do it.”

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