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Friday, March 12, 2010

[Info+Audio][English Translation] Why SS501 Kim Hyung Jun crying about audience story @ 3/12 Music High this morning

Credit: Baidu Kim Hyung Jun bar+poohhl@YT+(English Translation)ss501fighting.wordpress.com
Please repost with full credit, kamsahmnida!


Theme: The world which made me feeling hard

The ordinary and happy story of audience, said, “I want to be Grandpa’s granddaughter in next life.”

Hyung Jun: Why today is all about this? (blue stories) I have tears already. Very sad… almost the same situation as mine… Sorry… I think a lot of my grandmother (things). .. What am I doing at mid-night…EVen though I look like a fool… Others will have sympathy too … My story is like the same… I am just feeling very sad … I can be this kind (weak) of person.. I also have a grandmother, because my grandmother’s body is not very good, is not good even up to now … saw this post about grandfather … I suddenly think of my grandmother… so I cried a little… Sorry everyone… Anyway, although today is full of sentimental… Now able to see such a post with happiness, mood is still quite good.

Don’t need to be sad, only had a bit of sad feeling. No big issue.

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