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Thursday, March 11, 2010

[Info] SS501 will hold a fan concert in Japan Saitama Super Arene on April 25th 2010

Credit: elley@daum blog+card.yahoo.co.jp/hallyu+(English Translation)pochi@SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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We’re going to hold SS501 concert.

Coming on stage of Korean drama”Boys Over Flowers”, Kim Hyun Joong is also very popular in Japan.
We’ll hold SS501, Kim Hyun Joong’s group, concert inviting only “Yahoo Hallyu Fan Card” member.
Those who first 10,000 applicants of this card will be invited.

name of the event: SS501 concert

date: 2010/4/25
open: 17:00
start: 19:00

place: Saitama Super arena

how to apply: Please login with your Yahoo ID that you apply “Yahoo Hallyu Fan Card”.
And click “apply” button bellow.

condition: Applicants of “Yahoo Hallyu Fan Card”
(even before you receive the review result, once you apply the card you can apply this event)

fixed number:10,000 members

limited date:2010/4/11
(If it come to fixed number before this date, we’ll stop accepting offers immediately)

result notice: middle of April
We’ll send email for only elected person’s yahoo mail address or certain email address you set in advance.

You can apply only once.
If you did wrong thing when you apply “Yahoo Hallyu Fan Card”, we’ll reject your entry.
On the event day, print and bring your elected result page.
Event of April would be changed some point from information fan-club guide book.


ss501fighting said:

I just find this news at elley’s blog..

She actually got this news from yahoo card

She is not 100% sure this news is true or not and so do I…

But hopefully it is true because it will great for them to have another concert stage before comeback, right? kekeke

I will try to give a brief translation of the news coz my Japanese is not so good.

Hope I can get my friend to translate it for me and give you more details later on ^_^


According to my Japanese TS friend Pochi, “Yahoo Hallyu Fan Card” is a credit card with 26,000yen annual fee.

The information say if you have this card you can enjoy seviral Korean acter or singer event for free.

But there is no information those who have this card all can go the event every time or not…

And this card may be very new to formation, the coming event is not clear yet

Also, Japanese Official site say nothing about this news yet.

♥ Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Bace ! Like Yea Kalau Suka ! ♥

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