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Saturday, March 13, 2010

[Info] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Boys Over Flowers” Mnet Japan Special Broadcasting

Credit: http://www.mnetjapan.com/variety/0411/+(English Translation)SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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Mnet only Special

Boys Over Flowers Special

Boys Over Flowers in the smash hit, a special program on Kim Hyun Joong!

Served as the leader of Asia’s hottest Idol Group SS501, in the hit drama “花より男子 ~ Boys Over Flowers”

F4 members, Kim Hyun Joong got his big break playing the role of Yoon JiHoo.

he has the variety of sophisticated look that having familiar characters, songs and dance

We offer a program that combines the charm of his talents as an entertainer!

From Making video of ”花より男子 ~ Boys Over Flowers”

To collect Hyun Joong unreleased video to broadcast over two weeks!

Watch Yoon JiHoo look like never seen by anyone.

In addition, the popular Mnet variety show was the first time demonstrate the original natural edited version of Hyun joong

“We got married Kim Hyun Joong version” reruns and answer the request of viewers at once,

“Six selected heroine (?)” “Radio Star” and

Reproduced videos sent together all the once popular variety shows starring Hyun Joong!

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