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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

[Info+Video] Hyun Joong’s crying speech @ Persona in Seoul Encore

[Triple S Info][Chinese and English Translation] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong’s crying speech @ Persona in Seoul Encore

Chinese Translation: (fr baidu tieba)

額。 。 。額。 。
奎鐘這時說:挨罵了! (指著歌迷)如果你們哭的話,我們也生氣哦!
賢重繼續說:謝謝大家! 。 。啊。 。
我會永遠記得這一刻,努力的過每一天! ! (吸了吸鼻子,然後嚎啕大哭)
哭完以後,還會以更好的樣子出現在我們面前,這就是 SS501……

你希望當你們老了到不能走路了飯還是可以支持這你們你很感動飯們對你們的不離不棄· ·····


English Translation:

Hyun Joong said: We cannot say this period is long or short, in these five years, you have been the same in this position to support us,

ah. . . ah .. .

(Hyun Joong went wet eyes, and then, excited, and cried,)

Kyu Jong said: You are scolded! (Pointing to the fans) If you cry, we are also angry Oh!

Hyun Joong went on to say: Thank you everyone! . . Ah. .

I will always remember this moment, use all my efforts to spend everyday ! (Suction of the nose, and then crying)

After crying, will appear in a better look in front of us, this is SS501…

You said you are touched, you said you are already 25 years old but fans are still stand by you…

You hope fans will still be support you until you were getting old or even couldn’t walk…


baidu tieba
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UPDATE!!! [07.03.2010]

here the [eng sub]fancam by ltstraus@yt+(translation)littlelover@KHJ

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