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Sunday, March 7, 2010

[News] “Flower Boy” Kim Hyun Joong fanclub, contributed 2400 Won to the low-income family

SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong’s fanclub, made another topic of concern after the bulk purchase of Kim Hyun Joong endorsement “basic house” clothing.

On the 5th, through the basic house, Kim Hyun Joonh fanclub = miclub also known as “JiHoo, Pain of Hyun Joong”, this fanclub from Kim Hyun Joong endorsement, “Basic House” shop bought over 337 numbers of clothing. After that, through good neighbors, sent to the country’s low-income families of children as new gifts.

“JiHoo, Pain of Hyun Joong” club (http;//miboard.miclub.com/f4), last month raised 24 million won spontaneously. Among them, 10 million for the purchase of basic house clothes, as well as donated to good neighbors. Donated clothing have a total of 337, among them, in particular, have the clothing Kim Hyun Joong wore through the endorsement of the product as well as buying majority of specialized children’s clothes for the children. The remaining approximately 14 million won donated to the consortium entitled of “Kim Hyun Joong scholarship”

Basic house marketing team mentioned, I know the profound meaning of which contained is even in a difficult environment, can still wearing handsome clothing like Kim Hyun Joong, do not lose hope and confidence. So they buy these clothes as a gift for them. And also mentioned that he is very thankful for Kim Hyun Joong’s fanclub, in order to get more help for more people, they will have this volunteer, donor activities continue.

In addition, basic house from 2006 onwards, began “basic house hope project” to support elementary school soccer team which have difficulties as well as Cambodia’s water plan and support for UNICEF projects to help African children in a wide range of public welfare activities.


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