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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[News] SS501 won PSY Music Awards 2009

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congrats to our boys! happy for them! yeah their alwasy the best!

Thanks to wingwing for the translation ^^


PSY Music Awards 2009 (3 / 1)
The Digital Music Awards 2009 together with ting

Asia’s premier digital music service based on the most recognized artists invite you to the fair music awards.

Olympic Hall, Olympic Park (simultaneous live online)
2010. 3. 1 / Monday / 17:00 PM

Picture the scene backstage dressing room and a tweeter Cyworld (http://twitter.com/Cyworld_BGM) is scheduled to release on. (Sponsor: teuwitoneeo)

* Winner of the ”Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009″ SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, MC Mont, SS501, Big Bang (G-Dragon excluded), 2PM (some members) and international singer and due to the pre-scheduled international calendar was not present for this award. Please note the benefits.

Target (3)~ Announced the winners of the scene-TOP10

Artist Year Award /Songs Year Awards /Choice Awards this year (1318 best artist Award 3)

*** Other ***

Rookie- 2NE1. Seo Inguk. Ali

OST Song award-SS501

(탐음매니아)Tameummaeniah Award – Summer and long faces, ‘

The best composer award - Lee Seung Chul ’That is not to anyone else’ Jo YoungSu composed.

PSY Maximum Source Seller – Park Hyo Shin ‘Snow Flower’

‘2009 Collaboration’- Jeon Gin, (duet Ssang)

** PSY 2009 Music Award Winners ***

January – Girls’ Generation (GEE)

February-SS501 (Because I am stupid)

March – 다비치 (8282)

April – Bang & 2NE1 (Lollipop)

May – 2NE1 (Fire)

June – OUTSIDER (alone)

July – 2NE1 (I don’t care)

August – Black Eyed Girls (Abracadadra)

September – G-DRAGON (Heartbreaker)

October – Ssang (women do not seem to break. Men do not go away)

November – Park Bom (YOU & I)

December – 조권 & 가인 (we’re in love)

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