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Saturday, February 20, 2010

[Info] SS501 5th anniversary Anniversary ~ “REBIRTH” Gold Casted Model (Japan edition)

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10/02/19 2010, SS501 5th anniversary Anniversary

SS501 super alloy model for sale, SS501 5th anniversary Anniversary

First Gold Casted Model!!

SS501 began casting gold model as a set of five scheduled to begin selling!!

Only produce for the acceptance of orders!! Produce only the number of orders!!

This photo is the gold casted style model!

Now, is working on prototype, specially for us to see, the next process is a coloring, we will report anytime please look forward to the coloring style!!
“Procuct description”

Name: SS501 gold casted model

■ Price: 15,000 yen (tax included) + shipping costs 800 yen (This should be referring to Japan’s domestic delivery)

■ Scheduled delivery time: by the end of May ~ June, By appointment in order to send

■ Content

In the form of a gold casted 15cm, 12 sub-model of the album “REBIRTH” photos to sent to the customer’s hands
Individual members of the expression, style, hairstyle, dress, decorations, faithful reproduction of even small details.
Is absolutely essential addition to any SS501 fans !!
※ Gold casted model is based on contrast material (photos, etc.) in the shape of faithful reproduction of the human form doll.
■ How to order
Online order will be open in a recent period of time in an online shop
The second round gold casted model on sale!
Limited amount of SS501 Deluxe Edition Program
Scheduled release date: 2010, end of April to Mid-May
During the time of oversea and domestic enthusiasm for SS501, the design to accompany SS501 on their journey to the present debut!
Of course, placed in their own homes is also super cute! As the collection is also a good choice!
In a perfect imitation of story material, mill, shape deluxe edition backpacks are also available.
Package A is now ready to be purchased.
Because it is limited merchandises, please order as soon as possible!

Package A:

Luxury brands MEGA Size Gift Box

Gift box includes slippers, soap, toothbrush with tape, micro fiber towel, and the same small mirrors which used by SS501, bubble-balls, mini-water bottles (2)

Sale price: ¥ 24,150 (tax included)

Package B:

MEGA size gift boxes, micro-fiber towel.

MEGA size gift box includes slippers, soap, toothbrush with tape, and the same small mirrors used by SS501, bubble-balls, mini-water bottles (2)

Sale price: ¥ 10,290 (tax included)

Luxury brand backpack
Single product Price: 15750 (tax included)

Reservation Service is expected to begin in early March.

More detailed content of each item (product photos, style, price, etc.)

Details will be released in the future.

■ Buyer Privileges

Purchased the first gold casted model + a second package (A or B) in the same time can get a special
Gift Award —- SS501 Super Life Games (Successful Path)!

※ Because of changing circumstances of part of the product whether there will be notice, so need prior consent.

※ Because of changing circumstances whether there will be notice, so please prior consent to the delivery period.

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