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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nam Gyuri-SS501 Kim Kyu Jong-Park Ki-Woong drama ‘Love Triangle’

Credit: spn.edaily.co.kr + (English Translation) SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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Nam Gyuri, SS501 Kim Kyu Jong, talent Park Ki-Woong everyone cast character in this omnibus music drama, the love triangle unfolds.

3 people Min Sangwoo (Park Ki-Woong part), An Gyuri (Nam Gyuri part), Choe Junsu (Kim Kyu Jong part) are the protagonist in Omnibus Music Drama ’superstar’ project, 6 spread ”네버엔딩러브” (Never ending love). Each of them finished shooting early last February.

This drama work was produced against the backdrop of a hospital, including three people of heart patients An Gyuri, doctors Min Sangwoo, brain tumors patient Choe Junsu, suffering from heartbreaking love story containing a total of 50-minute drama.

Gyuri met her childhood friend Sangwoo who works in the hospital, and her raised love of Junsu, the love story of three people with music will be unfold.

“Recently the actors including Nam Gyuri, the role and personality as a genius hacker Park Ki-Woong, Kim Kyu Joong who is singers to able to seen the new look.” official person said.

Meanwhile, this work drama ’superstar’ project featuring a total of 10 drama, the six works that aims to broadcast the first half was created.

‘Superstar’ project, in addition to the three people, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun, Jun Jin, Son Ho Young, Seo Ji Young, An Jaemo, Shim Eunjin and more than 30 people were involved. China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Asian exports are ahead.

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