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Saturday, November 21, 2009

[video]SS501 Kim Kyu Jong SETI Episode 13 [English Sub]

credit: reena29lim @ yt
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KYU so so cutieeeee!!!


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[video] Kyu Jong @ Music High

kyu jong is so so so cute!!!
baby too^^


Part 1


Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

vd cr: reena29lim @ youtube

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South Korea “BOF” group SS501 vs. “Meteor Rain” crew in China Chinese New Year’s Eve event

Source: http://www.9zonline.com/ + (English Translation) ss501fighting.wordpress

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[News][091119] South Korea “BOF” group SS501 vs. “Meteor Rain” crew in China Chinese New Year’s Eve event

Hunan TV New Year’s Eve 2009 concert preparation is in full swing, many big name stars will join us so that viewers can look forward to this feast. Today’s press conference was informed that South Korea group SS501 will also be a guest to join this party. The interesting thing is, SS501’s leader Kim Hyun-joong is acting in South Korea hit drama “Hana Yori Dango” as Yoon Ji-thick (Hanazawa) while in the Hunan TV New Year’s Eve concert “Meteor Rain” crew will also attend. Two group of male beauty together makes us look forward incessantly.

SS501 is a hit idol group throughout Asia, include five members of the Kim Hyun-joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung-jun. SS means Singer, ScreenActor and Superstar, the first meaning of S is based on the intention SUN. It means a STAR from now on to pursuit of success, the second S means SINGER, the 501 means five people will be together forever as a whole. The overall meaning of SS501 is as follows: five people to become one, from now on to become a future star singer. All five members are all popular handsome guy. They has gain an excellent popularity and appeal in the audience. This time Hunan TV invite them to join the New Year’s Eve concert, they will also be singing at the party to show people as the strength as a top idol group.

Interestingly, SS501’s leader Kim Hyun-Joong, have had recent acted in popular drama “Boys Over Flowers” as Yoo JiHoo, his outstanding performance makes people very much appreciated. Hunan Satellite TV home-made idol drama “Meteor Rain” and four handsome guy will also in appearance. Zhang Han, ZHU Zi-Xiao, Wei Chen and Yu Hao-ming, who were all popular overflowing star. 9 handsome guys all together in the New Year’s Eve concert will be a spectacle. It is learned that the director of the program group also is planning some reasonable setting, not be ruled out to allow the two groups of male beauty challenge each other. At that time, who is the most handsome favorite in the audience, also left for the scene to reveal the answer.

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SS501 rocks Taiwan with new album

Credit: asiae.co.kr + ss501fighting
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[News][091119]SS501 rocks Taiwan with new album

Five-member boy band SS501 is taking the Taiwanese music industry by storm, sweeping Taiwan’s music charts with their newly released mini-album “Rebirth”.

The album has been ranked No. 1 in album sales on China’s largest online music website, BOOKS.COM for four consecutive weeks and placed first on G-Music Asia Chart and Five Music Asia’s Current Chart for two weeks straight immediately after the album’s release on October 30.

They also topped the RBT Charts of Taiwan’s top three telecommunication companies including Chunhwa Telecom, Far East Tone Net and Taiwan Mobile two weeks in a row.

The boy band, back to the Korea’s music scene after a 19 month break, took their first win on major broadcaster KBS’ music show “Music Bank” last week with their title song “Love Like This” from the album.

They have been one of the most popular K-pop acts in Asia since their debut in 2005 and have had numerous hits singles in Korea and Japan.

Reporter : Linda Kim lindakim@asiae.co.kr
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr

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SS501 donate stage costume in charity Bazaar

Source: bnt news + (Chinese translation) 妃茵@TripleSTW + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

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[news + photos][091118]SS501 donate stage costume in charity Bazaar

At the 1 November bnt news Japan opening ceremony for ‘Celebrity Charity Bazaar – Sharing of Love’, SS501 presented their love through the activity.

Recently come back by releasing their mini album ‘Love Like This’, SS501 participated in this charity activity. SS501 participated in ‘Celebrity Charity Bazaar – Sharing of Love’. The main theme is to help single parents and also low income with their after school care.

SS501 has been actively participated in helping the weaker group, this included charity concert or charity auction in aid of locating lost child and other activities.

In this charity show, SS501 donated their stage costume. They donated their stage costume in their previous Shanghai concert. The same costume design was also worn by oversea artist Beyonce and Celine Deon. This silver jacket and black pants were wore by SS501 during their Shanghai performance. All proceeds from the auction will be donated in full.

On 21 November, there will be an auction of artist personal collections. Bingbang, 2NE1, Goo Hye Soo, SS501, Kara, SHINee, Shin Soo Choo, Wheesung, Son Ho Young and other artists will donote their personal collections as auction items.

Omit not related

‘Celebrity Charity Bazaar – Sharing of Love’ main theme is to help single parents and low income childen with their after school care. It is organized by bnt from 21 – 26 November and will take place in Hyundai Department Store.

Also, SS501 started their Asia Tour Concert from August, Seoul, Japan, Taiwan and the 4th stop Shanghai has successfully ended. The 5th stop will be held on 12 December in Hong Kong Asiaworld Arena. Their Asia Tour concert will continue up till the first half of next year.

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Kim SuJung “Kiss on lips with SS501 Kim HyunJoong is really…”

Credits : dlsp@tvreport.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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In ‘2009 Style Icon Awards (SIA)’ held on 11-Nov, child actress who stole (?) the lips of ‘Flower Boys’ Kim HyunJoong, appealed of her injustice.

Kim SuJung explained in an interview on SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ on 18-Nov about her kiss on lips with Kim HyunJoong. At that time, Kim HyunJoong won the viewers choice of Best Popular Icon Awards and went up on stage to receive the award and Kim SuJung was the award presenter.

At the moment when Kim HyunJoong was about to say his words of expression on the win of this award, Kim SuJung requested to him “Please give me a kiss” and received a kiss on the cheek with this bold request. After which, she also received a kiss on the lips, making all the female fans jealous of her. At that moment, Kim HyunJoong pointed to his own lips when suddenly being requested for a kiss, and he was unable to hide his embarrassment.

In the interview on that day, Kim SuJung explained the situation “I said I want to kiss him (on the cheek), but Kim HyunJoong oppa misunderstood that I wanted a kiss on the lips and kissed on my lips.” Kim SuJung added “My mother came and scolded ‘Do you know how many fans oppa has?’” and showed a worried look that draws a smile to others.

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SS501 will participated in “NongShim 2009 Love Concert” along with other artists

Credits : Newsprime + Chinese translation: julieann@www.hyunjoongchina.com + (English Translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com + Quainte501.com
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On 22 November (Sunday), 4pm, at Seoul Olympic Stadium, Nong shim group organize a ‘Nong Shim 2009 Love Concert’. 13 groups of artist will be participated in this concert,they include SS501, 2PM, Big Bang, Beast, MBLAQ, Brown Eyed Girls, Rainbow, 2NE1 and others.

Nong Shim concert was started since year 2000 and has already been held for 10 years. Each year the most popular singers will perform to present their love. Nong Shim group spokesperson mentioned: “In these 10 years, through the yearly concert, each concert has around 8000 audiences, it fulfilled our theme to spread the idea of love sharing. Through the participation of popular idol groups, we hope that they could convey the importance of love sharing to the youths and teenagers.”

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Kyu Jong Message @ SS501 DSP site

Source: SS501 DSP official site + (English Translation) ss501fighting.wordpress

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Original message from Kyu Jong:

규종 : 우와^^.. ㅎ 아자아자~~ 고마워요 ! (2009-11-20 오후 9:35:10)

1 등 먹었어요 !!!! 고맙습니다. ^^

ㅎㅎ 너무 신나서 멤버들과 방방뛰었어요~~

우리 1등한거 알구 하늘이 또 비를 뿌려주네요~

역시 우린 비부돌 !! ㅎㅎ

비오니까 기분이 더 좋아!! ~

이쁜이들~ 추운데 오늘 밖에서 많이 기다린 친구들도 있고 ㅜㅜ,,

감기는 안걸렸어요?

아프지마요 감기 조심해야해요!! 알았죠?

밥도 잘 챙겨먹구 ~!!

아침에 물어보니까 밥 안먹은 친구들 많던데~~ 밥 잘 챙겨먹기!!

나는 내일을 위해서~~

오늘은 맛있게 밥을 먹고 일찍자려구!!


오늘 완전신났어!! 히히히~ 안녕^^!!! 알라뷰~~


English Translation:

Wow ^ ^ .. Hip, hip ㅎ ~ ~ Thank you! (2009-11-20 오후 9:35:10)

I’ve been number one!! Thank you. ^ ^

ㅎ ㅎ members so excited I jumped and kill us, right ~ ~

Dynamite thinking that the sky disperse the rain for our number 1 celebration

And we are 비부돌(rain calling god or so) !! ㅎㅎ

I do feel better with it !! ~

Gorgeous ~ waited outside in the cold with lots of friends and ㅜ ㅜ,

does not catch a cold?

To be careful! Do not get sick! OK?

You need to really get good food!!

In the morning, I ask lots of them don’t eat food~~ you get to eat rice!

As for me, for tomorrow ~ ~

Certainly, I ate a delicious meal and sleeping early!

See you tomorrow ~ ~

Completely happy tonight! Hahaha ~ Bye ^^!!! love ~ ~


so sweet kyu jong!

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Message from Hyung Joon...on SS501 DSP site

Source: SS501 DSP official site + (English Translation) ss501fighting.wordpress

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Original message from Hyung Jun:

형준 : 완두콩 만세 (2009-11-21 오전 12:42:58)

우리가 멋진상을 받을수 있었던 이유도 모두 당신들 덕분이에요

너무나 아끼고 아끼고 더 열심히 노력해서 보답할께요.

SS501이 호명되는 순간, 지난 시간들이 머릿속을 스쳐가면서

드디어 해냈다는 생각에 저절로 행복에 겨운 웃음이 지어지더라구요 ^^

이 모든게 SS501 현중 영생 규종 정민 형준 .. 이다섯명과

그뒤에서, 그리고 옆에서 묵묵히 지켜주고 , 쓰러져도 다시 일어날수있게

든든하게 힘을 복돋아주는 트리플S , 우리를 사랑해주는 당신들이 있어서에요.

너무나 행복하고 더 자신감이 생겨요.

고마워요, 오늘도 잊지못할거에요, 감사합니다, 그리고 너무나 아껴요 .

SS501 만세~ 만세~ 만세~ 트리플S 만세 만세~ 만만세~~~~~^-^ 굿나잇.

고생해준 많은 여러분들께 이영광을 바칩니다. Thank U!


English Translation:

Hyung Joon: Peas Viva! (2009-11-21 오전 12:42:58)

The reason we are so great to get the award is all thanks to you guys

Cherish cherish so much more…I’ll work hard and reciprocate.

The moment they call SS501, my head starting to brush past the time

I finally made it, to the idea of itself, just reveal a happiness smile ^ ^

Everything because of SS501 Hyun Joong Young Saeng Kyu Jong Jung Min Hyung Jun .. the name of this five people

Also all of you, and next to us in silence, make us happen again when down

Supportive triple-S, the people who love us let’s us have the power

This brings so much more confident and happy

Thanks, I’m never going to forget, Thank you, and cherish.

SS501 Viva~ Viva~ Viva~ Triple S Viva~ Viva~ ViViva~~~~~~^-^ Good night.

This glory dedicated to all of your hardwork. Thank U!


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SS501 Hyung Jun photos @ KBS2 “Music Bank” by kimhyungjun.com

Credit: kimhyungjun.com
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