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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SS501 is the most suitable group for Mobile Phone Ads!

Source : 김진경 star@tvdaily
credit: marinastory@wordpress
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Boygroup SS501 is the most suitable group for Mobile Phone Ads!

Music portal site ‘Bugs’ (www.bugs.co.kr) recently held a survey called “Which group is the most suitable for mobile phone advertising model”! The survey started since Nov 30 until this coming Dec 17, yet, as of now around 7916 people has been participating.

In this survey, SS501 with their new song “Love like this” gets 49.72% (3936 people) and is no.1 for the survey. The voter say that the group is the best for a mobile advertising model.

Netizen,” SS501 image is the best for mobile phone Ads” while they also say,”Why? Because it’s SS501!No more reason!”

While SHINee is at 2nd place with 38.9% (3079 people), Brown Eyed Girls 4.18% (331 persons) is 3rd place, Kara 3.42% (271 persons) at 4th place, Tiara is at 5th place with 1.98% (157 persons).

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