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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Park Jung Min will attend Japan 1st Bride Competition as judge

Source: SS501 Japan Site + (Chinese Translation) Chiri@Tieba Baidu + (English Translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with FULL credit, Kamsahamnida!


SS501 member Park Jung Min will become judge for the ‘Pretty Bride 2010 in Japan – Cutest Bride Championship Competition ‘ held at 2 February 2010.

Guest judges has been finalized! They are Japan First Lady, Hatoyama Yuki; Actor Mr Mikihisa Azuma; comedian group Un-Jash’s Watanabe Ken and popular in Japan, korean idol group SS501’s Park Jung Min and Bridal designer Katsura Yumi.

Final Qualifying Round Detail

‘Pretty Bride 2010 in Japan – Cutest Bride Championship Competition’

Date: 2 February 2010
Venue: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
Final Qualifying Contestant: 30

Selection criteria:
1. Self-examination PR
2. Examination of Wedding Dresses

Contents of examination may change.

Judges: Hatoyama Yuki, Katsura Yumi
Hatoyama Yuji, Mikihisa Azuma, Watanabe Ken, Park Jung Min (SS501), Katsura Yumi

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