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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KJ “Had wanted to quit from SS501"

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12/12 [news] Kim KyuJong “Had wanted to quit from SS501

SS501 Kim KyuJong revealed that he wanted to quit from the team before.

Kim KyuJong said in SBS ‘Intimate Note 2’ broadcasted on 11-Dec where SS501 and Kara from the same management company both appeared in, confessing frankly that he ever wanted to quit from the group prior to their debut.

Kim KyuJong has been chosen as the most cautious member among the 10 of them. Park JungMin started the topic “He was somewhat lagging behind when compared to the members, this friend wanted to quit and cried.”

Kim KyuJong who is from Jeolla-do said frankly “In order to keep up with the Seoul kids, my mother gave me branded clothes, shoes and other stuffs. But in reality the members are not like that. Even though I wore expensive clothes, it doesn’t suit me and the other kids are still outstanding even though they didn’t wear branded clothes.”

Kim KyuJong expressed his gratitude “I was to join a project in another group, but my members held me back.” Kim KyuJong added “However, as time passes, I have become a Seoul person” giving a bright smile.

At the same time, Kim KyuJong talked about the incident where he went to Kim HyunJoong’s house and because he didn’t know how to use a bidet, he pressed the wash button and was sprayed by the bidet.

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