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Friday, December 4, 2009

Ki Bum wants to be like Hyung Joon?

credit: allkpop
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U-Kiss' Ki Bum, brother of SS501's Kim Hyung Joon, recently had an interview with Newsen
along with the other members. In the interview, Ki Bum commented:

I couldn't see my brother for two weeks after my comeback, but on a recent broadcast of KBS's Music Bank, I was able to meet him. SS501 hyungs helped us [U-Kiss] a lot as they talked about us in their interviews."

On November 20th's Music Bank,
SS501 won the K-Chart [twice in a row]. Regarding their win, Ki Bum commented:
I feel great to see SS501, which my brother is in, win the 1st place.

Although he is happy for his brother, he expressed his desire to become like his brother:
To this point, I was always 'behind' my brothers [SS501], but now I want to stay right 'beside' them. I have thought about wanting to be in the position where the SS501 hyungs are in right now.

During the interview, U-Kiss also revealed that ever since they lost the "cute" image, they started losing anti-fans. They also revealed that their role model is none other than Shinhwa. U-Kiss is currently promoting their hit song, Man Man Ha Ni. And thus far, they have been
successful in Thailand, as they won a big music show award which held a popularity poll for K-pop artists.

I'm sure little brothers, or in fact younger siblings all have this desire to become just like or better than their older siblings... Is it a bad thing? I wouldn't exactly say it is. But being the 'older sibling', I wouldn't say it's a good thing either...

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