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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Golden Fishery -Radio Star 9 December Preview

Credit: Golden Fishery - Radio Star official site + (Chinese translation)彼岸&宸昕@hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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Coming! Coming! SS501 appearing in Radio star!
9 December 2009 (Wednesday) 11.05pm
Recently using 'Love Like This' actively participated in activities SS501 come to Radio star.
Opportunist youngster, SS501's Maknae (our) Hyung Joon big rebellion! Hyperactive up till end~~

The contract renewal terms which they desire!

In about less than 1 year time, with contract almost ended, SS501 frankly talked about the renewal terms they desire from their management company?

Good atmosphere in SS501 practice room which is not a dancing group practice room, security guard?

There is more program?!

Their honest request from their heart!!

Maknae Hyung Joon's unending ambition!
All of their tricks were whole-heartedly released in Radio star!!
Direct showcase outdoor barbeque "Because I am stupid", what was Hyung Joon's feelings!

This is not the ending!!

Hyung Joon's popular voice imitation!
Their style will definitely not be bad!
Hope for special guest star style in Radio hope!
Smooth but honest Maknae's big rebellion started~~

9 December (Wednesday) 11.05pm

Golden Fishery Radio Star
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