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Thursday, December 17, 2009

All immersed themselves in the world of Kim Hyun-Joong! !

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Our national sunbae, JiHoo Sunbae become a bad men (bad-boy) very successful, give a fresh look to everyone

In the afternoon on the 16th, Kim Hyun Joong appear in his soft drinks endorsement’s fanmeeting, 450 fans follow him into the venue. Kim Hyun Joong is also not disappointed his fans for a wonderful performance.

He not only gave out his solo performance of “Please be nice to me”, for his prolonged fever of heat, he also put a great thought in the encore part.

The soft drink company want him to prepare several songs to promote the atmosphere, however, he said in the party interview: “Because I only have this solo dance song, after considering carefully, I think I really need to give a Christmas gift to fans. Therefore, I work hard to train for the following performance. However, I am too busy lately, if I don’t perform well enough, please forgive me!!! Please give me lots of support because of my goodwill.” His modesty gain the applause from the fans.

Finally, Kim Hyun Joong has bought the performance of Sunbae Rain’s “Rainism”. This is a song with a sense of strong rhythm which can show male-specific sexy limb movements. All the fans are all quickly immersed into Hyun Joong unique “hyunjoongism”.

Especially when Hyun Joong is performing, his face is always with his characteristic sweet cute smile. However, his hand gesture and body language are still full of sexy rhythm. His swinging with the music won fans applause.

In addition to the fortunate 450 fans from Korea or oversea who can see the wonderful performance of Hyun Joong, there are also reporter from Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries, the party is very successful. Program content includes Hyun Joong’s performances, as well as charity auctions, etc. for a total of one and a half hours. The atmosphere of the whole event give everyone once again an insight into the South Korean JiHoo Sunbae amazing charisma in the Asian market.

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