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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SS501 「SS501~2nd Christmas Show!~」Notification

Source: DSP Japan official site

Chinese Translation: 影彤@HK TripleS

English Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress

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091102[Event News] SS501 「SS501~2nd Christmas Show!~」Notification


2009/11/02 SS501~2nd Christmas Show!~ 開催のお知らせ

昨年に続きまして、今年も「SS501~2nd Christmas Show!~」の開催が決定しました!


Chinese Translation:

2009/11/02 SS501~2nd Christmas Show!舉辦公告!

繼去年成功開辦的SS501 Christmas Show, 今年確定將再度召開SS501的第二場Chrismas Show-「SS501~2nd Christmas Show!~」。
時間訂於2009年12月19日(六), 地點為The New Otani Hotel。


English Translation:

2009/11/02 SS501~2nd Christmas Show!Notification!

Following last year SS501 Christmas Show’s successful run, 「SS501~2nd Christmas Show!~」is confirmed will be held in continual this year.

Time is scheduled at December 19, 2009 (Sat), take place at The New Otani Hotel.

This event is scheduled for two consecutive nights tentatively.

Details of the event, as well as the way for priority ticketing will soon have future notice. Please pay attention. Thank You.

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