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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SS501 Hyun Joong birthday wishes for Young Saeng @ Birthday Party after Fans stamping Event

Credit: HSS (HSscandal.com)

Chinese sub Video: Vanilla@ www.hyunjoongchina.com (金賢重中文網)

English word translation: ss501fighting@wordpress

Please don’t reedit and re-upload the video in any format.

Give proper credit when reposting, kamsahamnida!


Chinese Sub Video:


Conversation and HJL wishes

KJ: Now, should be the time for members’ wishes

KJ: So… Let’s start with leader Hyun Joong says something to Young Saeng.

HJL: Regarding Young Saeng, all I can say is good thing, our relationship like this

Laughter from TS

HJL: Our relationship, you all know that

Scream from TS

Video repeating the last comment HJ saying

Young Saeng’s smile is kind of embarrass but sweet

Hyun Joong laughing with embarrassment also… hehe

Awkward… Awkward… Awkward

HJL: Aw… Young Saeng aw…

TS screaming again

HJL: Young Saeng aw… even though we have been known each other for seven years

HJL: For you, I can’t say something very flowery like the other members

HJL: However, we see each other the most within members

HJL: Thank you very much for you to share and discuss many different problems with me

HJL: Like your name I hope we can have each other in our life forever

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