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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

[News][09.11.10]U-Kiss’ Ki Bum speaks of brother in SS501, “Without Hyung, I will not be a singer”

Credit: kpoprants.wordpress + [English translated] energywen@rocketboxx + ss501fighting
Source: 아시아경제
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Group UKiss’s member, Kibum shown love for his elder brother (from now on, will be referred as Hyung), SS501’s Kim Hyungjoon.

Kibum had said in the latest ASIAE interview that “Hyung had personally monitor UKiss’s first broadcast”. He further revealed that “Hyung is not someone who will compliment me easily. However after watching the first broadcast, he had told me I did well.”

Kibum added “SS501’s fans had given UKiss lots of support. I will always be thankful for them” and “I will always work hard. Without Hyung, I will not be trying out to be a singer”.

Meanwhile, UKiss will continue promoting their title song “Man Man Ha Ni” from their new single ‘CONTI UKISS’.

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