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Friday, November 6, 2009

[News][09.11.03] Saeing SS501 in Holding Room, How do they spend their time?

Credits : Starnews + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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How do singers spend their long hours in the holding room? We meet with male group SS501 at SBS ‘Inki Gayo’ on 1-Nov where they would comeback with song ‘Love Like This’ and also a candidate for 1st position.

The rehearsal for this days’ performance started at 8.30am, they came quite early in the morning to SBS Open Hall at DeungChon-dong, Seoul where ‘Inki Gayo’ will be broadcasted from.

Have they eaten? The live broadcast starts at 4pm so they will have over 5 hours of waiting time. However, they do not have any reasons to go hungry nor be bored. This is because the fans infinite love for them is expressed even before taking care of the staffs.

Firstly, with Heo YoungSaeng (23) birthday coming up on 3-Nov, the fans were getting ready a surprise gift for him. A sign written as ‘The Day of Heo YoungSaeng’s Birthday’ and together with various food and gifts filled up the holding room. They even prepared enough food for everyone who visited their holding room.

And you can have a hearty laugh looking at the scrapbook with Heo YoungSaeng’s photos that the fans sent.

After having the food that are prepared filled with love from fans, they speed up with their preparations for the music program. Each and every one of the 5 members started to put on their make-up and mend their hair.

They had a recorded rehearsal during the process, where they went up the stage to sing in without completely their make-up and hair.

As soon as the recorded rehearsal ended, member Park JungMin came running from the stage to the holding room on 3rd floor. Just because he wanted to check on the recording a little earlier.

“I ran 3 storey here” Park JungMin said beaming with pride. His smile is full of passion. Soon after, the other members returned to the holding room one by one, and prepared for the real broadcast performance.

Of course, when the individual members finished with their preparations, they would check with their managers on the upcoming schedules and played jokes using their mobile phones. They would watch the other singers’ performances and exchange their opinions, and also signed CDs for friends.

SS501 representative said “They have to do lots of preparations in the holding room for the 3-minute performance. It is necessary for them to monitor their clothing and hairstyle through the camera.

And during their spare moments, they would become the role of releasing nervousness of singers by joking around.”
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