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Saturday, November 7, 2009

[Info][09.11.05] SS501 interview with Monkey3

05/11 [Interview] SS501 interview with Monkey3

Credit: monkey3 + SS601 + (Chinese translation) julieann@hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Please don't reedit and give proper credit when reposting, kamsahamnida!


Come back after 1 year 7 months, other than busy with their new album come back stage recently, SS501 is also concentrated in their Asia Tour Concert. Their Asia Tour Concert is rewriting hallyu history step by step. Now let's begin the interview with the long awaited SS501 who has come back bringing along their mature male charm and latest pop music.

Q: Hi! SS501, very happy to meet you. I am the reporter of Music specialize Website Monkey3. It has been very long since you come back, during this time all the members are having solo activities, how do you feel after returning back as a team again?

HyungJoon: Although we were having our solo activities before this, that only allow me to realize the importance of SS501 to me and it strengthen the mutual trust among each others. Therefore, the period of solo activities are very meaningful to me. We met each other less often but the tacit understanding remains the same, really felt very happy.

JungMin: The new songs represented more of our own style and charm, it is also very meaningful for us.

Q: HyunJoong suffered a lot when you contracted with H1N1. During medication alone in Japan, how do you feel?

HyunJoong: It was indeed a painful memories. Luckily Japan is very well equipped with medicine for curing H1N1, so I could recover faster. During medication treatment, most of the time I wiould watch internet movie from the computer in my room to past time.
However, the download speed was too slow, I was almost bored to death.... with the pain in my body and the boredom, I felt like I was almost dead during the time.... (Smile)

Q: No matter what, congratulation to Kim HyunJoong for returning healthily! You must have something to tell you fans who were so worried about you.

HyunJoong: Please do not fear to go near to friends who contracted with H1N1. Actually most important of all is to remember to take care of yourself, don't be contracted by H1N1! Always wash your hands and wear your mask!

Q: SS501 new mini album Rebirth, was top in sales chart since released. What is your thoughts on this?

All members: We are the 1st? Really?JungMin: Actually 5 of us have not been together for very long. Before that we have drama, musical and special unit activities...... When we were apart, it was a time for self improvement, so that now when we are back together, we can perform even better.

KyuJong: In future, we will work harder to participate in more programs, allowing everybody to listen to our music which are full of confidence.

Q: Your new music has a great difference from your past music, are you trying to throw away the idol burden with this the new trial ? What is the reason of choosing this type of music?

YoungSaeng: If you think that we have purposely chosen more difficult songs, it is not our intention, we have only wanted to venture into a new direction, to find music which are more suitable for us and also to expand into more areas. During recording, all we think of was to produce a higher quality product and work hard for it! For example, in order to enable the song to have more pop feel, we collaborate with oversea producers so that it would not be a repetition of our previous songs. We have listen to songs of different genre from different countries, using others positive points to improve ourselves...

Q: Recently you held a large scale Asia Tour Concert in Taiwan, the responses was very good. Taiwan fans were very passionate. Was this an effect from 'Boys over Flowers'? What do you think?

HyunJoong: When we first went to Taiwan, there's around 1400+ fans waiting for us, we were really shocked. Really really thankful to everybody. And also, There's a lot of delicious food in Taiwan, especially the dumplings which I like most.... (Smile)All members shout together: XiaoLongBao~!! Super delicious!

Q: This album you have invited AJ, the famous choreographer who had helped choreograph for Michael Jackson, what have you gain from here? Is the choreography for the new songs?

YoungSaeng: The dance is very special, have you seen our first day come back?

All of them shout: Ah~~

JungMin: (Smile) During the first time come back stage performance, HyunJoong hyung suggested that we used our fingers to show the 'L''O''V''E''♡' hand sign. We followed HyunJoong hyung instructions to perform and who was the person that didn't do well!!! HyungJoon!!

KyuJong: Hyun Joong hyung asked who was the first to go on stage, so he assigned each other saying: "You are L" "You are O" .... One by one he taught each of us the hand sign, however when we looked at the broadcast we can't figure out the hand sign for Hyung Joon, whether he was showing a 'L' or 'E'.... that finger....

HyungJoon: I really really wanted to show it correctly! Totally never thought of messing up!!

JungMin: It's you that caused our come back stage a failure! The way you showed the hand sign, when Young Saeng hyung showed his hand sign, who would know he was trying to show an 'E'!

Q: Your smoky makeup for the new album let everybody left a strong impression. Really full of masculinity. Which of your member do you think has the most male beauty?

JungMin: Talking about male charm, it must be our Hyun Joong hyung and Young Saeng hyung!

KyuJong: Turning 25 year old next year. Really turning into a real man!

JungMin: Correct!

Hyung Joon: Currently is Hyun Joong hyung... (Thinking very earnestly)

JungMin: Hyun Joong hyung's 'adam's apple' is very big! Manly ah Manly!!

Hyun Joong: Hyung Joon's is also very big.

Hyung Joon: Yes, mine is also very big ^^

Kyu Jong: His head is also very big. (LOL..... I am laughing so loud when translating this!!!)

Hyung Joon: Jung Min's face surface area has increase recently

Jung Min: Chey! (Angry stare)

Q: Recently because of Asia Tour, you must be very busy everyday. As your oversea activities has increased, when all of you stay together, there must be some interesting things to share right?

HyunJoong: The most difficulties must be language barrier! Also taking flight is very tiring.... Last time when we were in Japan, staying in hostel, as we have no time to cook rice, when we wanted to cook rice we found the rice buckle was half filled with rice and another half was rice worm.

All members clapping their hands: Correct! Correct! hehehe!

HyunJoong: We wanted to make Kimchi hotpot, after cooking we realized there were actually a wiping cloth inside. HyungJoon even pick up something like a meat and put in my mouth, it tasted very oily~~

HyungJoon: I thought it was extremely nice!!

YoungSaeng: OH~~~man!!!

JungMin: That's because of this, the Ahjumah that help to clean ran away.

HyunJoong: It was really very dirty~

Q: Lastly please say something to everybody and friends of Monkey3!

A: Hi, Monkey3 members! Hope your will like our new song 'Love Like This', do download more of our new songs! The dating season is approaching soon, be nice to your lover. If you have not found a lover, please listen to our new song 'Love Like This' at least 3 times, you will definitely success! Don't hesitate anymore, listen right now~

Q: Now let's request SS501 to recommend the Best 5 song which "a lover will sing for you during a special day"

YoungSaeng: (H.O.T - 축복(Celebrate))
Scene that will appear in movie or drama, using piano to play the love greetings.

JungMin: Chae Yeon - Shakin Shakin (채연 - 흔들려)
Chae Yeon's 'Shakin shaking'. Everytime when I listen to this song, I will think that if I saw one, what is my heart keep swaying? She won't be a plastic surgery beauty right....

HyunJoong: SS501 - 'Love Like This'
No matter what, if my girl friend sing my song for me to listen, dance my dance for me, I will be very touched! Even if it is only one verse, I will be strongly attracted.

KyuJong: Son Ho Young - "Imagine Feeling Good" (손호영 - 기분 좋은 상상)

Even if it is only for one day, I will think of when falling in love the song which I hummed. Although it is just an imagination, my heart beat will increase^^

HyungJoon: Kim Don Ryu 'Like a little kid' (김동률 - 아이처럼)

The last lyric of this song 'Give me that which was called our present... I love you". Both the melody or lyrics are very beautiful, I was very touched when I first listened to it.

♥ Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Bace ! Like Yea Kalau Suka ! ♥

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