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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

[News] SS501 Official 2nd Album has been Delayed

Below is the phone conversation with DSP by one fan (tnekfdlss)

DSP : Yes this is DSP Media.
Fan : Sorry, but can I ask you one question?
DSP : Yes, please ask…
Fan : It’s about the delay of the release of SS501 official 2nd album, so is it confirmed that it will be delayed??
DSP : Yes…It seems like it would be delayed..We said it will be delayed to 17th in our announcement..maybe it would be delayed further..Sorry..
Fan : Ah…Did they film their music video? Oh right! Did they finish their recordings already?
DSP : Seems like you knew they’ve finished their recordings already.. their music video wasn’t filmed yet so it may be delayed…
Fan : …….oh I see. How can you always postpone like this..TT TT
DSP : We’re really sorry…We will try our best to finish it fast for their comeback..
Fan : Alright…Thank you for your hard work.. TT…
DSP : OK..Sorry about that..

Then this other fan (lju327) posted about the delay too in the official homepage.

One fan went for the TonyMoly Fan Sign event
And asked HyunJoong oppa about the album release date
It’s 27th, or 28th? So it’s like this…

Again, we dont know until the official announcement is out…
But for now it seems like the album wont be out on 17-Sep…


tnekfdlss & lju327 @ DSPenter.com + SS601.com
English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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