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Saturday, September 5, 2009

[News] HyunJoong & Moon GeunYoung Have Something In Common

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Kim HyunJoong and Moon GeunYoung had been chosen as the best actor and actress of 2009 chosen by the netizens. On Yahoo! Korea, from July 11th to August 30th, voting had taken place for the 2009 Seoul Drama Awards. After the results had gone in from 50 different countries that had voted, SS501’s Kim HyunJoong and Moon GeunYoung were the winners. Each of them receiving several thousands of votes.

For this polling, three different languages were involved (Korean, English, Japanese). Kim HyunJoong received 46% from Korea, 49% from America, and 47% in Japan. Moon GeunYoung received 54% from Korea, 45% from America, and 43% from Japan.

Also, “Boys Over Flowers” had been chosen as the best drama getting 38% from Korea, 43% from America, and 42% from Japan. On September 11th, the best drama and the best actor and actress will be receiving “Popularity Award Chosen By Netizens.”
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