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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong Successfully Completes Fan Meeting in Singapore [120507]

Singapore being the first stop of “Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012” Asia Tour, Kim Hyun Joong has really set the standard for the upcoming shows to be held in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Thailand later this month. Held on May 4, the Korean heartthrob wowed the fans and media not only with his slick dance moves, but also with his sincerity that impressed the audience during this first-ever personal fan meeting here. Kim Hyun Joong’s previous visits were for TheFaceShop promotional activities and 2011 Mnet Asia Music Awards.

A total of fifteen songs were performed, including two for encore stage. “Smile” was performed for the very first time to a live audience. I found it pretty amusing when the U:ZOONSIN bank notes were blown into the air as Kim Hyun Joong came on to sing “Do You Like That,” the fans in the floor area were busy grabbing the alien currency instead of watching his performance.

Kim Hyun Joong also performed “Because I’m Stupid,” an OST from “Boys Over Flowers” originally by SS501 trio unit made up of Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun.

During the stage activities segment, five fans were randomly selected to play a mind game with Kim Hyun Joong if they managed to find a sticker under their seat. There were only four prizes so the first loser would leave with nothing. But who would have guessed that the first to be ousted from the game would actually emerged the biggest winner as she was led backstage to participate in the next song!

Besides giving away a huge teddy bear to another fan, Kim Hyun Joong also made a point to get close to the fans by coming out from a corner of the floor seating area for the first encore song. Fans of course dashed forward in hopes of touching the star.

The fan meeting soon came to a close but the fans’ spirits were still high as it wasn’t the end yet! Everyone was waiting eagerly for Kim Hyun Joong to come back on stage while the staff and crew gets ready for the high-five session. This is a record not to be easily broken as Kim Hyun Joong spent more than an hour to give handshakes or high-fives to the 3,000 fans present.

Quoting an ardent fan Alice Chen’s comment on Facebook, “I have been to so many performances but this is really the best so far. Even better than the one in Seoul. Could feel his sincerity 100%!” I couldn’t help but agree that this fan meeting is certainly of a concert standard and K-Pop fans would be expecting more for future fan meetings that would be held in Singapore.

We would like to thank Running Into The Sun and AMC Group for inviting Soompi. All pictures credit Running Into The Sun.

Credit: Rebby @ Soompi + SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life

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Kim Hyun Joong Superstitions, bling, and Chinese chess [120505]

Korean actor-singer Kim Hyun Joong surprised fans when he relayed his desire to high-five all 3,000 concertgoers at his first Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore held last night. It was icing on the cake for everyone present when he selflessly continued that act of generosity and topped it up by presenting all attendees with a U:ZOOSIN t-shirt and brooch.
Anything for the fans, he says, and we’re not even counting the dollars and cents (read: sense) involved in this exchange…
The “luckiest guy on earth” to be doing what he’s doing right now, Hyun Joong’s recent two showcases in Yokohama, Japan, sold out in mere minutes; tickets were balloted to pick 20,000 lucky concertgoers out of 60,000 applicants.
Rating his own performance thus far, the humble chap says he still has “a long way to go” to reach out to a global audience and “if there are 100 steps towards reaching my goal, I feel that I might be at my 10th step so far.”
For someone whose mini-albums are accompanied by complicated dance choreography that gets “increasingly challenging” with each album, the 25-year-old assures he’ll be dancing for “as long as my bones are still intact”. Fans might even get to see him flaunt his guitar skills in future promotions and albums since he used to be a bass guitarist in school.
This charismatic poster boy of Korean beauty goods and preppy threads is as random as random gets. With a title album titled ‘Lucky Guy‘, Hyun Joong shared a lesser-known tidbit about himself at his interview with xinmsn at Fairmont Hotel Singapore, and spoke about his superstitious habits.

Credit: entertainment.xin.msn.com + SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life

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Kyu Jong – 2012 Fan Meet in Japan [120502]

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Kim Hyun Joong Charms Like A Prince (Singapore Press Conference) [120504]

The charming prince of Korea arrived on sunny Singapore island on 3 May 2012 and proceeded to a press conference a few hours later. Jam-packed with media from all sorts of publications and nationalities, the venue was bustling with excitement waiting for the arrival of Kim Hyun Joong. Looking chic in black with a tinge of male cleavage, hair perfectly in place, he mesmerised the media with his mega-watt smile.

Embarking on an Asian Tour Fanmeeting, Kim Hyun Joong picked Singapore as its first stop because he felt it was a fantastic place to kickstart his tour. He expressed that he missed fans in Singapore who never failed to welcome him warmly each time. The fanmeet boasts of upgraded versions from all his previous performances, as he performs songs he has never done before.

One special factor about the upcoming fanmeet in Singapore, is the record-breaking hi-5 session with 3000 fans. Something no other artiste has ever initiated. The simple reason behind it is that Kim Hyun Joong wanted to meet each of his fans up close and remember them. “It will be like a small gift from me” said the sweet prince. If he could set a world record, he would love to have a concert with the most number of fans in attendance.

Not only that, each ticket-holder would be presented with a U:ZOOSIN shirt and brooch designed by Kim Hyun Joong himself. He wished for fans to bring back something memorable.

On his future plans, he is in the midst of preparing his next album set to be released early next year. The early start was so he could put in his best effort to produce a wonderful album for fans. Known for his sensitive male lead character in Boys Over Flowers, he hinted of possibly working in a new drama. However no confirmation nor details were revealed

Usually portrayed as the cold princely figure, Hyun Joong revealed that in real life he is actually playful and lively! If you need hard evidence, be sure to attend the fanmeet! An exclusive video will be screened during the fanmeet showing this rare fun side of his.

Special thanks to organizer Running Into The Sun (RITS) for the kind invitation to the press conference. Stay tuned to Korea.com as we bring you coverage on the fanmeeting this Friday!

Credit: http://en.korea.com + SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life

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Kim Hyun-joong to rock Singapore

K-pop singer Kim Hyun-joong landed in Singapore on Wednesday for his “Fan meeting Tour 2012″ that kicks off today.

According to Keyeast Entertainment, hundreds of fans flocked to the airport to catch a glimpse of their favorite K-pop star. Kim was only too glad to return the love and support by smiling and waving to fans as he made his way into the city.

Due to his busy schedule, Kim didn’t stick around the airport but did take the time to hold a press conference where he talked about his plans for the tour. Press from all over Asia asked him questions about his career as a singer and actor.

Kim’s Singaporean fan meeting, the first the star has held in the city-state, will take place today at Singapore’s Indoor Stadium. He will sing hit songs for those in attendance.

Meanwhile on May 1, Kim finished recording a song called “Heat” that was written by Japanese duo B’z. Keyeast Entertainment said it will be released in Japan in July.

Credit: http://www.hancinema.net +
SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life

By Carla Sunwoo

Source : koreajoongangdaily.jo… ( English Korean )

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Kim Hyun Joong tells why you shouldn’t miss his Asia Fan Meeting 2012 [120503]

Lucky guy, Kim Hyun Joong let on the one reason why you should not miss his Asia Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore.
“[I'll be] performing songs that even the Korean fans have yet to see me do on stage at the fan meeting on Friday.”
With Korean music shows restricting performances to just the title song, the charismatic singer promised that the Singapore fans will be treated to a galore of performances that he has yet to showcase.
The 25-year-old arrived in Singapore yesterday to promote the Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 and was immediately whisked off for the press conference, which was packed to the brim with reporters and bloggers from not just Singapore but neighbouring countries as well, at the Fairmont Hotel.
The fan meeting that will be taking place on Friday promises elements from a concert as well as a chance to get up close and personal with Hyun Joong.
To add a personal touch to the plump programme, the singer had personally filmed clips which will be revealed for the first time at the completely original show. Known for his cool and prince-like image through dramas such as Playful Kiss and Boys Before Flowers, Hyun Joong promised that the real him – playful and fun – will be evident in the video clips.

If that is not enough to show the singer’s sincerity for his Asia Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore, each member of the audience will also receive a set of T-shirt and brooch, featuring the U:ZOOSIN character.
“I want my fans to take home something physical other than the fun times such as the high-five that we will have [at the fan meeting],” the Korean heartthrob divulged during the one-hour long press conference, adding that the brooch is specially designed for the fan meeting.
Other than working on his Asia fan meeting, the singer will also be releasing his new Japanese album which will feature a collaboration with Japanese duo, B’z which Hyun Joong is a fan of.
The SS501 leader, who has been in the entertainment scene since 2005, disclosed that he had already started working on the next album which will only be released next year. Leader Kim shared that he believes the need to start early in order to improve and put in enough efforts to bring upon better music for his fans and urges everyone to anticipate his next release.
Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012Date: May 4, 2012 (Friday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets: S$198, S$168, S$138 (excluding S$3 SISTIC fee)
xinmsn is proud to be the official online media for Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore.
Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore is organised by Running Into The Sun and AMC Group Singapore.

View More Photos HERE

Credit: Wenting Ang (entertainment.xin.msn.com) + SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life
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Kim Hyun Joong to make a small-screen comeback through new drama, ‘City Conquest’ [120502]

After rumors in April, it seems Kim Hyun Joong will be officially making his return to the small screen.
The singer who has focused mostly on his album promotions after his drama ‘Playful Kiss‘ came to an end in 2010 has recently been confirmed for a role in ‘City Conquest‘.
‘City Conquest’ is a drama that’s been adapted from the original comic by author Shin Hyung Bin. This new project brings together humanism and action, and it tells the story of main character Baek Mir who grew up resentful towards his father who left his mother and himself. He takes revenge against the evils of society which drove his family into destruction.
Kim Hyun Joong will be playing the role of Baek Mir, a strong individual who experienced all sorts of difficulties growing up without parents, but a man who becomes infinitely weak when it comes to love.
A representative from his agency Key East remarked, “Kim Hyun Joong is readily preparing to show you a more developed side of himself, as there are many fans who have been awaiting his small-screen comeback. Please look forward to it.
In related news, Kim Hyun Joong will be holding his ‘Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012‘ in May, making stops in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and more.

SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life
Source & Image: OSEN

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Kim Hyun Joong receives a warm welcome in Singapore for his ‘Fan Meeting Tour 2012′ [120503]

On May 2nd, Kim Hyun Joong left for Singapore, the first stop of his ‘Fan Meeting Tour 2012‘, and was greeted by thousands of fans that paralyzed the airport!

As a rising singer and actor of Asia, many fans were anticipating his new fan meet tour following the success of his last Asian promotions. Upon hearing that he would be arriving in Singapore, thousands of fans gathered with presents and placards to watch the star as he entered through the gates.

Happy to greet them, he responded to their support with smiles and waves.

In the press conference that followed, he showed his confidence in the success of his tour and answered personal questions as honestly as possible. Several local media outlets followed him closely, capturing preparation details and his feelings about the tour.

Kim Hyun Joong will be kicking off his first stop of the ‘Fan Meeting Tour 2012′ at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with hit track performances on May 4th.

Credit: SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life
Source: http://www.allkpop.com

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Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore Press Conference [120503]

2nd May 2012 – The media greeted Kim Hyun Joong in Korean as the singer made his way to the stage at the press conference venue, looking very stylish in an all-black suit with bling wrist accessories, waving and smiling to the cameras.

Shortly after the photographers got their fill of shots of the solo artiste whom many affectionately call Leader (he is known for his leader role in popular Korean boy group SS501), the press conference that was held at Fairmont Hotel Convention Centre commenced.

Kim Hyun Joong greeted the audience in his soft-spoken voice, in both English and Mandarin Chinese, catering to language of the local fans. This trip marks his third time visiting Singapore and he expressed that he misses his fans who always seem to give him such a warm welcome every time he comes to visit. The down-to-Earth singer also said that he will be walking the streets of Singapore and if fans were to bump to him, they are welcome to come up and say ‘hi’!

Fans can expect a novel concept for his fan meeting that will be happening this Friday (May 4th). He has prepared games, songs he has never performed before as well as fun and new elements he incorporated into the ‘mini concert’. He declined revealing more, as he did not want to spoil the surprise and said, “The best way to find out is to come and see it for yourself”. The singer has also requested to hi-5 all 3,000 fans, as he wants to meet everyone and make sure that they have the best of fun.

The media then proceeded to ask him personal questions that ranged from his current preferences in music to his recent collaboration with Japanese group, B’z.

Q: Music influence:
A: No particular type of music, it depends on the weather. While in Singapore, he likes listening to ballads (both others and his own) as it suits the current rainy weather we have here.

Q: Record he wants to break:
A: Being the singer who has held a concert with the most number of fans in attendance.

Q: Views on his own children wanting to pursue the same career as him:
A: Would not stop or discourage them from pursuing a career as an idol. It depends on what they want to do, as long as it does not affect people in a negative way.

Q:What his frequent usage of “…” in the posts on his portal means:
A: It doesn’t really mean anything. It just became a habit for him, the ‘…’ is similar to the frequent usage of ‘lol’ at the end of a sentence here.

Q: Collaboration with B’z:
A: He has always liked B’z and it was great to be able to collaborate with them on a Japanese single titled, HEAT.

Q: Future goals:
A: Preparing to release a new album next year and be active as a celebrity in other areas too so as to not disappoint his fans. After the fan meeting, he will be working on a new drama and more details will be released later on.

The press conference ended on a pleasant note as Kim Hyun Joong thanked fans for their love and support and said that he would not be here if not for the fans and he will continue doing his best for them.

We would like to thank Running Into The Sun for allowing soKoreal.com to cover the press conference. For more exclusive pictures from the event, head over to our official Facebook page!

Credit: SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life

Pictures taken by: Myra
Written by: Myra

Source: http://sokoreal.com/2012/05/03/exclusive-coverage-kim-hyun-joong-fan-meeting-2012-in-singapore-press-conference/

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Kim Hyun-joong records song by Japanese musician duo [120503]

Hallyu singer Kim Hyun-joong has just finished up recording a song written by famed Japanese singer-songwriter duo B’z.
Keyeast Entertainment announced on May 1 that Kim successfully recorded a song titled “Heat” which is set to be released in Japan in July as Kim’s second single.

Kim has long been a fan of the Japanese duo and when at a press conference in Japan in November, openly admitted to being a fan of the group. This prompted Kim’s Japanese distributor Universal Music to consult with B’z in working on collaboration.
B’z agreed and wrote the song for Kim.

“It’s such an honor to be able to work with a group that I’ve looked up to for a long time. They gave me a lot of advice and it was such a great experience”, said Kim.

B’z is one of Japan’s most popular acts. Having debuted in 1988, the duo set a record for topping the Oricon chart 46 times. The fact that this is the first time the duo has produced a song for a third party has garnered much attention to Kim’s song.

Credit: SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life

By Carla Sunwoo [carlasunwoo@joongang.co.kr]

Source : koreajoongangdaily.jo… ( English Korean )

Re-posted from: HANCINEMA

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Hyun Joong @ 2012 Fan Meeting in Singapore Press Conference [120502]

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SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life
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Hyung Jun – Music High [120501]

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Hyun Joong – LOTTE Duty Free New Promo

Credit: kr.lottedfs.com + SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life
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Kyu Jong @ Gimpo Airport going to Japan by peacejerry [120430]

Credit: @peacejerry +
SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life

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Hyun Joong arrival @ Changi Airport, Singapore [120502]

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