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Thursday, June 17, 2010

[Photo] SS501 Destination mini-album:: European-style cut undisclosed group photo

kyutie... kyutie^^

thanks to wingwing for post this at her blog =)



Click to enlarge:


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[Info] Hyun Joong will have a fan meeting in Philippines on 6/18

WOW... so lucky TSPH!

I'm happy for you guy's ^^

Enjoy everyone!!

Get this info from PHTS…

There will be a fan meeting of Hyun Joong in Philippines

The date is 6/19 started on 7:00pm

Since only PSTH who purchased the concert tickets can probably join..

I won’t post the details here…

Just want to give you a sense of where Hyun Joong will go

Just go to HERE if you are interested ^^


PHTS website+501fighting.wordpress.com
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Voting method:

Go to the voting webpage: HERE


Choose SS501 by clicking the little circle beside the name

Then press the “vote” button at the bottom of the list

Note: Remember that you can only vote once per day by selecting the candidate and pressing the “Vote” at the bottom of the survey. If you want to vote for an option that is not in the list enter the name of the artist in “Other.” Those who obtain high scores will be added. Voting closes on December 30, 2010.


Triple S fighting ~~~ fighting ~~~


Voting method: SS501fighting.wordpress.com

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[Megazine] Hyun Joong @ Korean magazine “High Cut” ~ Special LOVE DAY, Cartier

Special LOVE DAY, Cartier

Last June 3, confusion was fashion to the Cartier Maison which was located in Seoul Chongdam Dong region. South Korean top stars like Kim Hyun Joong, You know Yunho, Son Ye-jin, Ji Jin-hee etc were featuring to the Cartier opening event. Stars ‘LOVE’ being in was a special day, it was a wonderful moment to catch on.

Photographed by Journalist KWON HYUK SE, KIM BO RA.

4:50 PM

Kim Hyun-joong who arrived at the event hall first. Prepared the neat black suit and puts on the features which gets off from the van was caught. Polite smile looks toward the numerous news reporters and fans. The Pasha timer which wore to the left side wrist was Cartier watch (Pasha Sea Timer).


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]Photo] Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun ~ “IRONY PORN(O)” Love Ya MV clothing sponsor photos

Jung Min’s Cape Jackets:

Hyung Jun:


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[Message] SS501 message translation to fans version 2 from Korean to English

(Interview clips before opening)

Hyung-joon: I believe it (number of fans) will decrease naturally. You know, I just feel like it will decrease over the time. But there are times when I become sad.
I am sorry that the only word I can express to you all is thank you. There’s just no
other word that I can say and that’s the only word I can express. Thank you for always being there for us and being caring. And I’m sorry that this is all that I can express to you…

Young-saeng: I feel like this is an album that we feel as if we owe an apology to our fans. It’s not because that our songs are not good enough or anything like that, but just because we weren’t able to keep our promise with fans. As you all know, we haven’t been able to release our second formal album yet. We have released our first formal album but not the second one…that’s why we are very sorry to our fans and we want to say thank you to those who are waiting.

Jung-min: You can just regard us as SS501 ourselves. People who are not perfect but always doing our best and trying hard. I think a lot of fans who support us think that we are giving them something to fill in their life but honestly, we think that we are the ones who are getting something from our fans. So if you think about it, we are like having an unrequited love for one another. Or should I say like having a heart ache?

Kyu-jong: Five years is not a short time. If you think about it, it can be a very long
time or on the other hand it is not much big deal of time. But one thing for sure is that there are more times (with fans) ahead of us. We realize that many fans are supporting us right now. And even if some may change their heart or all of you get married and cannot keep supporting us all the way, we will still sing for those who support us in their mind.

Hyun-joong: This comeback may be shorter than LOVE LIKE THIS and therefore
we are sorry to our fans. But we can assure you that we came back with a new
style of music and a music that we feel very confident of…hm…what should I
say…gosh…why do I feel like crying?

(Conversing to members and fans)

From Hyun-joong to Jung-min ->I have known you for 7 years now which means that I have known you for 1/3 of my life and I want to thank you for always trying hard. I want to say to our fans that you can always trust us no matter what we do.
I ask all our fans a continuous support and a long trust of SS501 and we will always have Jung-min by our side, who is the anchor of SS501.

From Kyu-jong to Hyun-joong -> That’s right. Just like what Hyun-joong said, we have been spending such a long time together during our teen age years and into twenties now, and we may even spent more times together than our own parents. We are a big help to each other. We try not to let each other know of difficult or tough times that we each are having but I hope that we wouldn’t do this anymore as we are now old enough to understand it all now. Not long ago, Hyun-joong had a slight mishap and from that accident, his body condition was not much great. But just like we know Hyun-joong, he did recovered fast and his perfectly fine now. I hope he will take care more of himself. Please look forward to what Hyun-joong is going to bring in the near future through dramas, movies and music. I always say thank you which is the only word I can express to all of you. I am sorry that this is the only word that I can say but I promise to you that I will do my best that can make up this word. I will let Hyung-joon talk now.

From Hyung-joon to Kyu-jong -> My heart bleeds that tender-hearted Kyu-jong speaks about that. We have not brought this occasion today to tell our fans that we have already spent 5 years of our life as singers and we are ready to quit. Because we never will, aren’t we? I just want to tell all of our fans that each of us have been actively involved in individual’s activity and now that we have just released an album, LOVE YA, we want it to be a success which I believe it is, right? SS501 is not going anywhere so please everyone, stay by our side and give us your continuous support. Kyu-jong is a guy with a lot of emotions and tears. I thought that I was the one with more emotions but I think Kyu-jong is more a thoughtful guy who sometimes cries alone at home. And therefore, my heart tends to ache when I think of him. So…He is very good friend just like a brother to me. I hope that everything we do in the future will be a success.
And…I am sorry that I cannot suppress my tears today. I’m sorry that I tend to always cry at this kind of occasion. Anyways, I love all of my members. So, I want to say thank you to Kyu-jong, I mean not only to Kyu-jong but to Jung-min, Young-saeng and Hyun-joong as well. I’m sure that our tears that we shed today will be our memories that will be recollected 5 years, 10 years or 50 years from now. Please be especially supportive to Kyu-jong because I’m sure that I could have not done well without him. He’s my good friend who I can talk to when I’m in a midst of having difficult times. He’s like a brother and a family. I hope that all of you (fans) will be here for us and I want to say that I truly love all of my members. Thank you.

From Young-saeng to Hyung-joon -> I ought to be little shy when I have to say things by myself. All of a sudden, this thought came across my mind while listening to other members talk. Five of us were always together for all this time but I don’t think we’ve actually had a time to realize an importance of each other.

One time, I was in Japan for my individual activity and it was my first time being all alone. And it was during that time I felt deeply about the importance of other members and how lucky we are that we are a group who rarely feels lonely. In some way, I have found enlightenment after all these years. I truly want my members to know that I am very grateful that I have them by my side although I haven’t had a chance to express how thank you I am all these years. You know, I always felt like they are like a matter of course to me. They are naturally a thankful cause to me and whom I naturally was to love. I didn’t know what I was going to say today but seeing all other members cry, I wanted to be the only one who does not cry. But I guess I can’t seem to be suppressing my emotion as well…When you guys tell me it’s okay to cry, I feel like I have to suppress my tears more. I’m not sure what to say to our fans as there are too many things to say…

Hyun-joong: I just want to say again to all our fans that we all shed our tears today not because it’s a sad day but because it’s a day for a new take off. Therefore I want everyone to be happy and smiling. It’s a new beginning for us and I know that all of you will be concern and worry about any false rumors or abusive comments that we might get in the future. But don’t worry and just trust us, because we are SS501.

From Jung-min to Young-saeng -> What should I say? First of all, I always feel thankful to Young-saeng…Um…first of all, I have the strongest personality and therefore…So……I don’t think I can do it. I will do it later. I think that will be better. Anyways, I hope all of you can give us your continuous support. Um…When we have next SS501 concert, I hope many of you can be there.

(Saying goodbye)

Kyu-jong: Yes, it has been five years already that we and ‘wandu-kong’ have been together. Five years is like a long time or in some way a short time but to me, it feels short. Until the time when I look back today and say, ‘that five years was nothing’, we will try harder and become a better group to all of our fans. Until the day we become ‘the greatest in the world’, we will continue to run forward so don’t you ever cheat on us. You can still have boyfriends though. (Means that the fans can still have boyfriends but don’t become fans of other singers) Thank you so much for this occasion and it was very valuable time for five of us. It was a joyful and happier time than any other concert we had. I guess if I say it all, other members wouldn’t have anything to say. (Hyung-joon: No, we’re okay / Hyun-joong: that’s okay~) That will be all from me and I will write more in web site.

Jung-min: Um…first of all, I’m sure that there are fans out there who couldn’t make it today. So thank you all of you who made it here because you have been a big energy to us. I hope that today could be a good day to remember to all of you and will be a driving force to be with us continuously. We SS501, especially I have been experiencing tough times until right before this occasion today, but I now believe that I can work everything out from now on. So please keep supporting us and provide us with a bigger power which already is a big help to SS501. Anyways, please keep supporting SS501.

Hyun-joong: Thank you all of you who came to cheer us up today and I just want to say that I love you all. We SS501…especially myself is not an easy man. But I love you all and please give us your continuous support and love. And we will try harder for that love. Thank you.

Hyung-joon: Thank you very much and all five of us coming this far is truly a dream come true for me. But still, there are a lot of things to do…we have been singing for five years and we have released only one formal album. That does not make sense isn’t it? Although it may take some time, we will be releasing a great album so Say Ho~~ that’s right. Please stay by our side so we can all be together for 10 years, 20 years or 30 years from now. Thank you!

Young-saeng: Yes, please keep faith in us. Thank you and I love you all.
It’s been a long day, hasn’t it? So that’s it from me~ But I’m sure that we all made a memorable day that no one can forget. Thank you so much and there is this word we write every time we have an autograph event. That is ‘thank you always’. Yes, thank you always and I love you all.

Hyun-joong: Yes, we will sing a song for you guys. Our comeback song, LOVE YA. Thank you for being here today although it was a short event. We will try to make it more impressive and longer next time. I’m sorry and thank you.

Hyung-joon: It’s our number one chart song, right? Let’s LOVE YA!


Another translation of ♥ HYS ♥ from Korean to English with reference to this video:

From start of the video

Young-saeng: We were able to overcome all that because five of us were together and not alone. When one member becomes exhausted on stage, the other member is there for him to lean against on. And that’s what I want to thank them about…

Hyun-joong: I think it’s same for me. Whether it’s our debut years or right now, I still get nervous on stage and get tense with our comeback as if we’re new singers…. And I want to hear from people that SS501 is a group who tries hard every time.

(Message in the video: You are the person who makes me laugh and who makes me cry. Always stay by my side. To ‘Wan.du.kong’ who had been by our side for 5 years…)

Hyung-joon: I know that many of our fans had been staying with us throughout the whole 5 years but I believe that the number (fans) had been somewhat dropped. It’s just natural that when people get old, it’s difficult to be involved in fan activities that you have been doing when you were younger. So I believe it will decrease naturally. You know, just feel like it will decrease over the time.

(From 1min. 20sec onwards. the meaning has been translate in above)


English Translation: Korean to English translation by ♥ HYS ♥

Shared by: SS501fighting.wordpress.com

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[Photo] Young Saeng @ Newton Fan meeting by rmdkdl [13.06.10]

aigo... our bad boy cute focus ^^

so cute ^_^

thanks again wingwing =)


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[Info] SS501 may not appear at KBS2 Music Bank this week

The performer list of this week’s Music Bank is out

But our boys SS501 is not on the list… TT

However, we are not 100% sure they won’t be appear coz some TS said because they are K-Chart 1st place last week

They won’t appear on the list …

So we may need to wait for DSP notice for further information

I really hope they will continue their perf this week… at least give us a goodbye stage first…

So don’t worry at this moment… let’s wait for more…

Will updated asap when I got somethings new ^^

Here is the performer list this week:

6 / 18

- Geu Meun Dong, Ari, Dae Guk Nam Ah, Jerry (Feat. After School Reina), Electro-Boys, Soya N Sun , T.max, flower, Orange Caramel, Suh Young Eun (Feat. Brown Eyed Soul Jeongyeop), Sistar, Gummy, Da Vinci, Infinite (INFINITE), Norazo, Koyote, Lynn, MBLAQ, 4minute, f (x), CNBLUE


꿀규종 @SS601+Music Bank website+SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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[Fan account] SS501 @ Newton Fan Meeting by SGTripleS

I arrived in the morning at around 7.30am to queue for the fan meeting at night. DSP did mention on their announcement that people who arrive before 10am might not get their tickets. However, I don’t want to risk of not being able to get in so I went early.

When I arrived, there were quite a number of fans there. Initially, we were queuing beside the entrance to the open space on level 6 but the manager came over and told us to move to level 7. Thus, all of us moved up to level 7. While I was there, I got to know a really nice TS, Park Si Eun. My friend was late so I was asking Park언니 if my friend could queue with me. She explained nicely to me that since the group is full, my friend would have to queue at the back when she comes. We were queuing up in 3s and Park언니 was sitting in front of me. As I have exams on Tuesday, I proceeded to study while waiting for ticketing to start. The other 언니 probably found it funny that I was studying there. During this time, there were a lot of commotions regarding whether to queue at level 6 or 7. In the end, someone announced that the official queue is on level 6 and everyone rushed down the escalator. It was very chaotic. However, there was already another group of fans in front of us. People who queued at level 7 felt unfair because we were the first to arrive. There were a lot of disagreements on what we should do. As I am not good in Korean, I’m like a lost sheep the bulk of the time. I had to rely on Park언니 to help me translate.

At that moment, I was at the back of the queue. Suddenly, there were a lot of yelling and the 언니 who was sitting beside saw me and pull me out of the queue and chuck me really near the front. Apparently, the agreement was that people who queue on level 7 previously should be at the front of the queue. So the 언니 was really nice to “stand up” for me even though she don’t know me at all. I was really touched. She’s really nice and I really appreciate her help!!!!^^
While we were queuing in the open space, I had the privilege to communicate with Park언니. She told me that she has been a fan since they debut. ^^ and that her favourite member is YS. (: We also talked a lot about other stuff but I don’t think it is appropriate to say them here. I really admire her passion for SS501 and she’s extremely nice. She tried her best to answer all my questions and when she doesn’t know the answer, she tried to ask her friends. I’m really lucky that I got to know her!!^^

The organizer came and talked to us and Park언니 explained that ticketing would be at random. At the moment, I wanted to cry. OMG I queued so early just so I can be in front and they tell me that it is random now??!?!? A lot of people who were queuing in front of me were really disappointed. It was super unfair. Can you imagine being at the front of the queue but getting a ticket #500? Moreover, ticketing started really late like around 10.45am? I didn’t exactly keep track of time. A person in front of us tried to push for standardized ticketing but the organizer was really harsh to the fans. He scolded the TS really loudly. :/ Very very rude
Park언니 got ticket #11 and I got #72. Not exactly the best seat for me but I guess it is good enough~^^

My friend and I went back to Times Square at 7pm since DSP stated that admission is at 7 and performance is at 8. We waited for a long time at the open space and when we finally entered the venue it was 9pm. During these two hours, I got to know two other 여동생. They were kind enough to help me translate what was being announced. Really appreciate their help.^^ I also got to know a fan from Japan and she helped me out a lot as well. Very happy that SS501 has so many fans overseas – Japan, China, Singapore (myself), America (my friend). At least that is what I can gather from the queue I was in. There might be more fans from other countries.^^

The first part of the fan meeting is a video of SS501 over the years as well as their interviews. HJL teared in the interview TT

Snippets of their video and interview:

There were some rumours that SS501 is going to come down the stairs and I was super excited because I was sitting right next to the stairs! I kept turning around to see if it was true. And it was!!! They sang the song “Everything” while coming down the stairs. I saw JM and I immediately record it down in my camera. I was so excited about meeting HJL! He’s my favourite. I was so busy recording and trying to shake hands with them!!! Saw KJ and YS coming down after JM.

I managed to shake hands with JM!!! ^^ KJ passed by too fast for me to shake hands with him TT As KJ cut into YS’s path, there were a few seconds when there was no hands in front of YS and he was right in front of me!! I seize my chance and stuck out my hand! He shook my hand! YES!!!!^^

Video of them coming down the stairs and singing “Everything”:

However, I also realized that HJL and HJB took the other flight of stairs TT so I was unable to shake hands with them. I was really really sad that I was unable to shake HJL’s hand especially!!! TT
현중아~~ why didn’t you take the other stairs TT

After the song “Everything”, there was an activity with the fans. All of us wrote on a piece of paper about our wish for SS501. They will pick out a few and fulfill their wishes. Really sad that they didn’t pick me but at least I got to see them right? Haha There was a girl who went around hugging each member!! Damn envious of her. Moreover, when HJL hugs her, he put his hands on her head!! ARGH. I nearly died. Why didn’t they pick me!!! Another girl got a group hug from them. There was this other girl who asked for HJL’s earring!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I nearly died again. WOULD KILL TO BE IN HER POSITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh

They also interacted with their fans who could not get into the cinema. As it was difficult to find the fans in the crowd, the fans were jumping up and down to allow the camera to spot them. In the end, the members were asking the rest of the fans who were picked after her for “reaction” (jumping up and down). Super funny.


They proceed to sing Let Me Be The One”, “Love Like This” and “Snow Prince”

They started talking to the fans and as I don’t really understand Korean, I was kind of lost. KJ started to tear up and fans were shouting words of consolation to them. KJ left the stage for awhile and HJB started talking, he had tears in his eyes too and JM’s back was facing the crowd because he was crying. YS was trying his best to stay calm and HJL also teared. Damn heart-pain and I started to tear as well! When JM was talking, HJB came over to give him a hug. The whole scene was super emotional and a lot of fans were crying as well. Super heart-ache TT


They proceeded to sing “Only One Day” which I felt was damn emotional TT, “Until Forever” and “Green Peas”

Video of Only One Day:

They talked to the fans again and HJL said something like he loves us? It was too fast for me to record TT


They performed their last song of the night, “Love Ya”:

I would never trade anything for this fan meeting. It was priceless and I was so touched by both SS501 and the TS. It felt really good to be singing along with them, especially for LLT and Love Ya. I am very thankful that I was able to make it for this fan meeting and celebrate their 5th anniversary together with them. I will never forget what happened yesterday night.

From some of the photos I have taken, it seems like HJL looked at my camera for several times! Or that is what I would like to think hehehehee..super happy. ^^

Special thanks to all the 언니 and 여동생 who helped me along the way. It would not have been possible without them. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! ^^


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[Photo] Kyu Jong closeup focus super HQ fan photos @ Newton Fan meeting by 翎儿@kimkyujong.com.cn [13.06.10]

Omo omo… my sweet kyujong ^^

in any position he still looks handsome … otteoke jo?

I was dizzy XD!!

super super thanks wingwing for post our sweet KYU photo on her blog^^


翎儿 (http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn)+SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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