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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[News]From SS501 to Lee Seo-jin, the birth of Japan Hallye credit card for Korean Fans

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Hallyu card was released for Korean fans in Japan

On March 10th, Enex Telecom’s March held an press conference in Seoul The Westin Chosun Hotel, Grand Ballroom, and announced that they have partnered with Yahoo Japan portal site the to release of hanryupaen card (Hallyu Fan Card) aimed at Japanese market.

Yahoo Japan hanryupaen credit card for members of the Korean fans, are given more privileges to be free to participate in both the Korean star in Japan and Korea concert performances, and other domestic Korean performances. The annual fee if to target Japanese ¥ 26,000 (approximately ₩ 327,000) and free for all to participate in the annual event of all Hallyu star.

In the meantime, travel, event, being done through expensive concerts and fan meetings of the Korean pop stars, Korean drama TV Location Tour and will be provided free of charge to cardholders.

Reliable, affordable hanryupaen card side with specialized resources that can contribute to the development of Korean cultural products are high-level event will be announced.

On the April 25 , SS501 will come to Japan for hanryupaen card concert, Lee Seo Jin Fan Meeting in Japan will be in May and South Korea Dream Concert, SG Wannabe in June, Supernova, Tiara, including Japan and South Korea’s leading star on the monthly calendar, Korean fans are invited free of charge.
Cha Tae-hyun fan meeting in Japan in July, Korea Drama Location Tours, Chae Dongha joint concert with the Park Hyo Shin in August, the fan meeting of Jang Hyuk in September, and Shin Hye-In is scheduled for October performances.

Enex CEO of Telecom started recruitment in 2010 arrival of 50,000 people and 2011 to 100,000 people, nd are planning to recruit 50,000 members in 2011. This year alone more than 20,000 Hallyu Fan Japanese tourists are expected.

Hanryupaen card is a special page on Yahoo Japan. Here are some of the stars and the Korean Wave star will endeavor. Recently, seven-member male group 유키스 (U-Kiss), and sign the contract as Korean actor will help the wave in the world.

Meanwhile, actor Lee Jong-soo took place in the press conference.

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