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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hyun Joong photos @ Persona in Bangkok (MurdererQ)

Credit: MurdererQ+rainaftershine.wordpress.com
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[News] SS501 Bangkok Persona Concert : The Interview!

Source : www.komchadluek.net +(English translation) Soin @ MarinaStory
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SS501’s Fabulous Concert in Thailand
15 Feb 2010

Kom Chad Luek : Finished with the concert SS501 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok, with 5 guys Kim Hyungjoon, Kim Hyunjoong, Heo Youngsaeng, Park Jungmin and Kim Kyujong. Before that..we had chance to do an interview with them so we would like to present these guys’ non-secret story to all the fans.

@ What do you guys think about Thailand that made you come here for this concert?
HJL : Because we like Thai fans, we feel that Thai people are kind, when we talk to them we feel the warmth and there always are good things, so we come for a concert here.
JM : I myself came here personally many times because I like Thailand very much, so I want to have a concert here.

@ Apart from your singing career, are you guys working on anything else?
HJL : Actually each of our members are all busy with schedules. As for me, after I’m done with Boys over Flower, now I’m filming a new drama (!!!!!) I think you’ll probably be able to watch it soon. For Jungmin, he’s doing some drama and now is a CEO of his Internet shopping mall. Hyungjoon is a Radio DJ and he is now joining the Progamer show. Kyujong is also having a drama while Youngsaeng is more focus on music path.

@ For the past 5 years, what are the impressions in your mind?
YS : Truthfully, lots of things happened in the past 5 years, and I called them all impressions for me.
HJL : Mmmm…I also think like YS since there are so many things happened for remembering. For me especially when I had (a car) accident in Jeju Island, is another unforgettable memory.

@ About you guys’ spec. in girls?
HJL : I like the person whom I can feel at ease staying with. I am a person who drink, so if the girl I see could drink, it would be nice so we can also sit and talk.
KJ : I like an innocent girl who is well-behaved, and not spending too much.
HJB : I don’t like girl who nags a lot…must be someone that I’m comfortable with. Not fuss up with me too much and let me be myself.
JM : I like girl that’s lively, can make me laugh all the time we’re together.
YS : I like well-behaved girl who is really feminine. And also has her cute side.

The concert atmosphere at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani on Saturday 13th February. The fans all are so much enjoyed. SS501 kicked off their show with “Déjà vu” before continuing on singing and dancing for 5-non-stop-songs, and break with some talk in Korean which was special because there was an interpreter who translated their word all along without having to read subtitles. Then Hyungjoon was the first one to show his solo performance in white attire with “Hey G”. Followed by Kyujong who came up and made the fans’ hearts skipped a beat then melt with his dance move from “Wuss up” and “Never let you go”.

The guys sang “Because I’m stupid” which received such biggest screaming cheers from the fans since this song is from the hit series “Boys over flower”. And to the most surprise, when Jungmin sang “Rak Ther” (original sung by Tor Saksith Vejsupaporn) with his good Thai pronunciation, made the fans overwhelmed with the song and sang along with him. Youngsaeng came with “You are my heaven” and superbly with “Find”. While Hyunjoong made the fans all screaming with his sexy preview video, and also the intimate dance with the dancer in “Please be nice to me”.

“Fan Song” was the song that SS501 wrote as present for the fans. And the top-chart hit song “Love lIke This” was also sung in the concert. 2 hours have gone by so fast. SS501 and the dance team ended the moment with “You are my heaven”. The guys came back in comfy tee and water gun, were wet all over. Heard that there would be chocolate throwing , how come we ended up with war of water ? Anyway, this concert finished with the fans’ impress…

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HyunJoong “Undress to sleep” Hwang JungEum “Never get rejected before” Netizens are curious

Credits : spn.edaily.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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02/22 [news] Kim HyunJoong “Undress to sleep” Hwang JungEum “Never get rejected before” Netizens are curious

“I don’t wear clothes when I sleep” (Kim HyunJoong)
“I never get rejected during blind dates?” (Hwang JungEum)

The recent “hottest” stars, Kim HyunJoong and Hwang JungEum have gained the attention of netizens with the confession of their secrets.

They showed a different image in a recently released CF, revealing part of their unknown personal life. Especially where Kim HyunJoong shyly confessed “I don’t wear clothes when I sleep” and took out a pink innerwear from beneath the blanket, and Hwang JungEum’s normal self-conceited concept where she is in a blind date hoping not to be rejected saying “I never got rejected before”, the teaser commercial has became a hot issue as soon as it was aired and gained a lot of focus from fans and netizens.

Netizens who learnt of the commercial responded “What is this CF?” “Kim HyunJoong’s pure and clean image queerly matches well with the sly acting” “Hwang JungEum’s look on wanting to get chosen during a blind date touches me” There is an explosion of interests in these 2 models.

Not only that, Kim HyunJoong and Hwang JungEum improvised their pure expression on top of the lines that were given to them at the CF filming venue. Blind date bomb (failure) girl’s true color give-away, etc, a diverse impromptu improvision was made to each of their characters, it was said that it made laughter and awed the people.

The CF which Kim HyunJoong and Hwang JungEum’s secret confessions were the talk of the town, is Samsung Card’s ‘Why Not’ campaign.

This campaign’s CF content is about how Samsung Card can support and help people on the thing that they want to try to do. Stories of things around us that we are concern with and wish for are being materialized and stimulate a bond of sympathy.

In the CF, rock band who wish to perform, supporting actor who doesn’t have a line of his own despite acting in a movie, toddler who wish to quickly learn how to walk, wrestler who wish to be welcomed at a buffet restaurant, etc, shows the wishes which the people hope to achieve.

Together with this ‘Why Not’ campaign, there are more stories to be released such as Harisu who hasn’t seen any female prettier than herself and Kim GunMo hasn’t made a choice for himself before.

Samsung Card representative said “Anyone and everyone are likely to have some worries/concerns and Samsung Card’s ‘Why Not’ campaign shows it in various characters and interesting situations.” He added “From this teaser CF and the CF hereafter, please look forward to the interesting development of ‘Why Not’ campaign which will continue to support people’s wishes.”

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Jung Min @ OnStyle Magazine 'What Women Want' Ep 1

Credit: (Chinese translation) parkjungmin.com.cn + (Sub + Eng Trans) mangosorbet@youtube+ss501ufo@blogspot
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[Eng Sub] SS501 Park Jung Min 0nsty|e M@g@zine Wh@t W0men W@nt Ep1 Part 1

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[News] M.Net Super Concert in Bangkok 2010 By Adamas!

Credits: Clubadamas.com Posted by Casper + (English Translation) Mel @ kimhyunjoongthailand.com+rainaftershine.wordpress.com
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[News][2010.02.22] M.Net Super Concert in Bangkok 2010 By Adamas!

Wow..wow.. It’s about time to finally announce this exciting news. Sorry to keep you all waiting and confusing with all the rumors!

It’s been a long time but we didn’t go anywhere. Adamas is trying to find the Great show for the fans and this year together with M.Net Korea, we present to you “M.Net Super Concert in Bangkok 2010!”

Not only long-listed Korean Idols who will be participating in this Friendship Concert between he 2 countries, the concert itself will be broadcasted LIVE on M.Net Korea. MOST IMPORTANTLY FREE TICKETS !


The news about ticket price was a rumor and we will not be responsible for the consequence from any purchase of ticket!

For those who are looking for the ticket, the when and where, and the list of artists, we would like to invite you all to witness the Concert Press Conference by Adamas on March 3rd 2010 at 3 PM @ Siam Center.

I’ll see you there.

Mel’s note on this news: The previous news about this concert presented SS501 as one of the artists. We just have to wait to see if the boys will really come!

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Hyung Jun recent photo

Credit: Pretty Boy+ss501fighting@wordpress
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Park Jung Min @ Olive TV interview

Credit: WWloveHJL@YT+tag+(English Translation) May@ss501fighting.wordpress.com
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English Translation (Jung Min's part)

Jung Min:

In my case I want to live independently, when I want to stay out late with friends or girlfriend.Since I am in my mid-twenties, I want to fully experience a free lifestyle. So that is why I want to become independent. What do you think? I have decided! ( reference to his show probably) I shall become independent (live away from parents and family)!

With all others:

Ah~ I want to become independent.

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