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Saturday, January 15, 2011

[Photo] 110108 KyuSaeng AND Story in HongKong by Xiaochu

Credit: XiaoChu @ Quainte501.com
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[Photo] Hyung Jun - HARE Sponser

Credit: blog.naver.com/harekorea + honeyeee@love501.com
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(INTERVIEW) The solo 'challenge' Park Jung Min

Video credit: iZomZaa@YT

(Anchor Shin Gwang Yeong) Hallyu lead male Group SS501's member Park Jung Min's first solo album has arrived.

(Anchor Kim Jang An) Also, the fanmeeting's advanced booking of tickets started for 10 minutes, and the sellout of tickets has became a major hot topic. Park Jung Min has met Dong-A Sports reporter Lee Jeong Yeon (to conduct the interview).

Lee Jeong Yeon: It's nice to meet you. SS501's solo artist Park Jung Min is back. Meanwhile, how have you been?

Park Jung Min: Now that I've comeback for my solo, I've been doing a lot of preparations. Looking at how I am coming back as a solo from a group, I'll be showing many parts of me alone as a solo. Because of that, I've been receiving vocal lessons, having fanmeeting in Japan and until this point, developing my image to present to everyone various seasoned developments that I've gained to all of you.

Lee: In SS501 there are always 5 members around. Now that it's solo activities, are there bigger responsibilities as a result?

Park Jung Min: During activities as 5 members, the other members are able to cover the portions where I am lacking and filling up the void. However as a solo, I have many situations where I have to be alone. Therefore, in these situations I have to do my best in all of it. Usually if there are 5 members around, we will say, "Ya~ let show them the best we've got!!", but as I have to be alone, many things have caught me offguard. I really don't have any individual skills, except that my toes can do this, this is my individual talent, therefore I think to myself, "ah Jung Min needs to work very hard, there's still many portion that requires a little more preparation".

Lee: Can you give us an introduction of solo artist Park Jung Min's album?

Park Jung Min: Even though everyone can see the continuation of SS501, until this moment, we have done some impressive music. As to this I think the concept of 'Not Alone' has a commanding general feel. I want to lead somebody and to be beside this person always. I'm clearly not alone. That is the kind of concept and lyrics. Personally, I like straight band music, because of that, this time there will be some parts in the chorus that booms up, such band-like portions have been included. There are many aspects of the album that leaves me with a lot of worries, therefore I think I have to keep inquiring about how the album will turn out.

Lee: Please tell me how you've gotten along with the rest of the members.

Park Jung Min: This year, Kyu Jong will been preparing for his drama and movie acting. Young Saeng will also be releasing his solo album and is in the midst of preparations. Every one of the members have been keeping up with each other one by one.

Lee: The fans have many anticipations, about SS501 reuniting once again. Is this possible?

Park Jung Min: I think there is a good possibility. At this moment it is still at a stage of discussion, therefore we cannot give any specifics yet. Personally I hope that at any moment a decision is made, for how many months, from which date to which date, I'll like to have about two months of activities.

Lee: Can you say your desires for the new year?

Park Jung Min: This year, my schedule from the start of the year until the end has already been packed. This schedule can be safely followed and will allow me to achieve my desires. I'll like to cram more healthy and good work. This year is the bud of my destiny, therefore this year I'm going to put 120% of my capacity and above in what I do. This year, a bang will break out. Please anticipate the destiny of this bang.

Lee: Thank you for this chat today.

Park Jung Min: in 2011, my solo album will start, as well as my drama and overseas activities etc has been planned. It is my desire that this schedule will proceed straight ahead. I hope that everyone will keep up with their health. This year I hope that my desires will go in sync. From the start to now, this is Park Jung Min. Thank you very much. Please be happy.

Source:Dong-A News Station
English Translation: Wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com
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[Photo] 110112 Jung Min @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate Recording by 501_dg

Credit: blog.naver.com/501_dg + rainaftershine@wordpress
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