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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[Photo] SS501 photo @ Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards

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ss501 ~ Asia Best Group Award

Credits : psyon@newsen.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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Group SS501 and Kim HyunJoong won Asia Best Group Award and Asia Best Male Star Award respectively in ‘Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award 2009”.

SS501 received the award for Asia Top Buzz Group Award at Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2009 supported by Yahoo!Taiwan, Yahoo!HongKong and Yahoo!Korea, held at HongKong Convention Center on 14-Dec, competing among top stars from various countries.

Leader Kim HyunJoong had the honor of winning 3 awards at this award ceremony, including Asia Top Buzz Male Artist, Top Buzz Korean Artist and Netizen Chosen Top Male Artist, true to the name of the top Asia artiste.

SS501 member Kim HyungJoon said “Congratulations to Kim HyunJoong for being triple crowned. We will repay everyone with new album and music.” Park JungMin said “In this one year, 5 of us reunited after a long time to release our album and even held our Asia Tour, we have a lot of activities and we are glad that we have good results.”

Kim HyunJoong who had the honor of being triple crowned on that day, said his winning speech in Korean but also prepared his speech in Chinese and English, attracting attention with that. Kim HyunJoong expressed his feelings “I would like to thank fans not only in Korea, but also in Taiwan, HongKong, etc for giving us so much love, and I will become an even more hardworking Kim HyunJoong.”

Meanwhile at this award ceremony, SS501 sat with Taiwan artiste Joseph (Joe) Cheng who is very interested in Korean music and Hallyu. He greeted with SS501 and took photos together, showing his interest.

SS501 finished their concert on 12-Dec at HongKong Expo Arena and has returned to Korea on 15-Dec.

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Kim Hyung Joon exposed envy leader. Kiss scene in drama stimulate enviousness

Credit: http://ent.QQ.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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Korea popular group SS501's Maknae Kim Hyung Joon exposed in a TV program, if he could reborn, he wish to be "The Symbol of Beautiful Boy" Kim Hyun Joong.

In the 15 December SBS variety show 'Strong Heart', Kim Hyung Joon said jealously: "
Whatever Kim Hyun Joong said would received very good responses. Previously when participating together with him in some variety shows, Kim Hyun Joong's words would always received good responses from the other participants and audiences, however, my words couldn't attain that level."

Kim Hyung Joon frankly expressed: "
I am very envious of Kim Hyun Joong, especially when looking at his kiss scene with Han Chae Young, the level of enviousness has reached its peak."

To tell the truth, I am also interested in acting. Heard that Kim Hee Chul after go into acting line after participating in variety show, using this opportunity, I also hope to show my acting ability." Following by that, Kim Hyung Joon walked towards the stage and imitation Kim Hyun Joong's 'Boy over Flowers' role Yoon Ji Hoo's lines.

Towards the aggressive younger brother, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong responded calmly: "
Like this, you are forcing me to die faster is it?.... If you let me choose my next life, I would wish to be Tom Cruise kind of person." His words made Kim Hyung Joon in a loss.

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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong said “I had been dating with female artist for five months”

Credit: My daily + (Chinese Translation) 妃茵@TSTW + (English Translation) ss501fighting@wordpress
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Kim Hyun-Joong right-hand side sign stated “Dating openly with his girlfriends at Cinema, fishing, garak fish market”

Kim Hyun Joong said “I had been dated with female artist for five months”

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong reveal the fact of his sweet dating story with famous artist.

On the 15th SBS “Strong Heart”, GOD member Danny made a prediction of Kim Hyun Joong said ” Now, you don’t seem to have a lover”. Kim Hyun Joong replied “Yes, I don’t”.

Kim Hyun Joong also reveal the fact that he had have a girl friend ” I say it because it is past tense. She is a famous artist. We have been dating for five months.”

Respond to the new generation of pop singer Kim Hyun-Joong love Method, SES’s Shoo compare it with the way how idols love in the past relatively. Shoo said “In the past, if idols in love with another idols, when they are in the same show together, during rehearsal, they will use eye contact in the precise timing to show their love to each other. For example, they will use some unique gesture. Shoo also said the distance of the two in rehearsal should be around couple feet of each other.” Danny also added “During place arrangement in rehearsal, they can also touch each other’s hand to show their love.” Both sunbae artist had given some important formula of idols lover.

Then, Kim Hyun Joong who always speak frankly said “For convenience, I will bring my girl friend to see movie. Also, because I love fishing, I will ask her to accompany me. Also, I love driving around with her. We would even choose to go to our favorite dating place “garak fish market” to eat sashimi.” His speak get the guest’s attention.

For Kim Hyun Joong’s surprise speaking, SS501 Park Jing Min and Kim Hyung Jun also expressed surprise “We don’t even know he was dating with female artist”. Yang Enzhi who is sitting at the back said ” I think I know.” Her expression let all of the guest want to know who’s that girl friend even more. At last, Kim Hyun Joong gave out a tip “She is still a active female artist now.”

That day is “Strong Heart” Christmas Special, guests are Kim Hyun-Joong, CULTWO, TaeYun of SNSD, etc. to show their torrent of eloquence.

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[video] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong with His Parents in Macau

credit: me933830 + shirbogurl3 @ yt
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[video] SS501@ Incheon Airport Returning from HK

[fancam] SS501 Focus

[fancam]Hyung Jun Focus

[fancam]Jung Min Focus


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[Video] SS501 @ Yahoo Buzz Awards (Leader, Jung Min & Hyung Joon's speech)

Credit: Credit: (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com + vvn090314@youtube
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SS501 - Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2009 [TVB8 091215]

0:17 onwards
Hyung Joon: Gaining everybody's support, we are very thankful. We will work harder for our future performance and will try new things which we had never tried before. Hope all the audience and media will support us.

SS501 - Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2009 [CEN 091215]

0:43 onwards
Jung Min: This year is a special year for SS501, we released a special album separately, Hyun Joong acted in 'Boys over Flowers', I participated in a musical. After doing all the individual activities, during the year end, he have our Asia Tour Concert, releasing the mini album. This time we are so fortunate we can go on stage together. Gaining everybody's support, really thankful for your support. Thank you.

Hyun Joong: (In English) Thanks for all Asian fans, thanks for the support and love me for this one year, thank you very much. I love you.

Jung Min: 1st time in Hong Kong and winning such a big award. Other than feeling shocked and also thankful especially last year, we have our own individual activities. Hyun Joong has to act in 'Boys over Flowers'. Never think of this year the work will be divided like this, having such a good result and gaining recognition from everybody, we are very thankful fr your love towards us.

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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Accepting Taiwan+Korea Awards @Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards in HK

credit: shirbogurl3 @ yt
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