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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SS501 Prove Manliness by Listing Pornos @ KBS Star Golden Bell

Credits : free@tvdaily.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com + dkpopnews
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11/14 Star Golden Bell: SS501 Prove Manliness by Listing Pornos.

SS501 member HyunJoong and JungMin revealed their porno movie mania.

In KBS 2TV variety program ‘Star Golden Bell’ on 14-Nov, HyunJoong and JungMin compete against each other in the section ‘Explain with your lips’, in order to make each other laugh, they said the title of porno movies one after another, making others point out if they had went through a movie mania and received a huge laughter with it.

JungMin was the one who started with naming the titles of prono movies. Prior to his competition with HyunJoong, JungMin said ‘Bbong!’ in his competition with KyuJong which made KyuJong burst with laughter, giving JungMin the victory.

Later in the competition with HyunJoong, JungMin shouted “Bbong 2!”, HyunJoong protested “2 (the sequel) hasn’t come out yet” but JungMin was determined to win and responded “It came out until (part) 4 already”

HyunJoong, who is famous for his strong desire of winning, couldn’t care for his image and shouted “AeMaBuIn” while JungMin replied “JeotSoBuIn BaRamNatNae!”, Kim HyunJoong then used JungMin’s method and shouted “AeMaBuIn 2!” and finally ended with a tie.

With this, Kim TaeHyun said “Watching the competition today, it seems like SS501 really came back as men.” Making a roar of laughter at the scene.

This episode of ‘Star Golden Bell’ with male and female idols includes SS501, KARA’s Park KyuRi, SNSD’s Sunny, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, making the viewers laugh with their eloquence.

SS501 subbed Star Golden Bell Cut

vd cr:

(porn part begins at @:3:45)

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[video] SS501 subbed Star Golden Bell Cut

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[News] SS501 to Hold Second Christmas Show

credit: dlkpopnews
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ss501rebirth Pictures, Images and Photos

With the release of their long-awaited new EP 'REBIRTH' in Korea on October 20th, SS501 has finally started to perform again with all five members. The group has been attracting lots of attention with their cool music and style. In December they will visit Japan to hold their second 'Christmas Show!'.

'SS501 ~2nd Christmas Show!~' will take place on December 19th at the Tsuru [Banquet Room] of The New Otani [Hotel] in Tokyo. There first performance will be held during midday, with another one in the evening. After enjoying the food served by the hotel, fans will have even more fun with SS501. All the performances will be related to Christmas, including a mini-concert, talk show and candle service. The special event will exhibit how much momentum the group now has. Fans will also be given Christmas cards with recorded messages from the members. Applications for reservations have started to be accepted from November 13th, and will be available until November 18th 11:00.

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