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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Magnae- Kim Hyung Joon appears in MomSoShilChun

'MomSoShilChun' The variety show that was mentioned earlier in my posts.. gonna be aired in SBS on September 14 at 6.30p.m. members includes SS501 Mangae Kim Hyung Joon, 2pm Jok Won, Fly to the Sky Brian Joo and Super Junior's Shindong =)

Hope this variety show be able in KBS World LOL!!!! I want to watch him!!!!


Found this on jooyingobsessions.blogspot.com!!!
new photo came out on 090909. and was posted in kimhyungjun.kr +

here's it!
credit to them of course!

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Kim Hyung joon Find it! green Gold

Credit: As tagged + SS601.com + SS501UFO.blogspot.com + jooyingobsessions.blogspot.com

Even though SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong is down with H1N1 influenza after his activity in Japan and wasn’t able to return to Korea, Kim HyungJoon said reassuring their fans “We are absolutely fine. We will be resuming our activities very soon.”

Kim HyungJoon attended the press conference of environmental variety program ‘Find it! Green Gold’ on 10-Sep morning at SBS building in Mokdong, YangChun-gu, Seoul, as the MC of this program, and talked about H1N1 influenza which the fans have been worrying about.

Kim HyungJoon explained “We are absolutely fine now. I was really surprised when I heard of the news that HyunJoong hyung was infected with H1N1 influenza. I knew that HyunJoong hyung could not return from Japan because of H1N1 influenza though news reports. Even though we didn’t talk (over the phone) to each other, I heard he is getting better in health. His condition is getting much better and seems that he will be able to resume his activities within 2 weeks’ time.”

Credits : miru@osen.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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Kim Hyun Joong in the Hospital for up to a month

Over the weekend, while in Japan, SS501 leader and Boys Over Flowers star, Kim Hyun Joong was unfortunately diagnosed with Influenza A (H1N1) Swine Flu. He is currently held at a medical center in Tokyo, Japan and there are reports that he could stay there for up to a month. A representative from DSP Media stated that, "His health has improved greatly since he first fell ill over the weekend. However, he will have to stay in Japan from anywhere from two weeks up to a month for treatment."

All his currently planned schedules and participation in upcoming SS501 concerts will depend on how the treatment goes and his health. I wish him the best of luck and hope he recovers soon.

credits to allkpop

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Life after Dream for Kim Bum

After his drama Dream, Kim Bum will put a stop to his activities in Korea and start preparing for overseas activities, one of which will be greeting his fans in Japan as a singer.

According to Kim Bum's management agency, "Kim Bum will be having fanmeetings in 5 Japanese cities (Osaka, etc) this coming December and will be performing 2 songs. One of the songs will be I'm Going to Meet You Now which was included in the F4 Special Album. The other song is currently being worked on."

As for Kim Bum's singing ability, his management agency said, "Kim Bum's singing is definitely on a par with professional singers. His popularity has been soaring in Japan because of Boys Over Flowers. We are hoping to use the opportunity to try and change him into a singer to further raise his popularity. There's a high possiblity of that happening after Kim Bum completes his five scheduled fanmeetings."

Besides his activities in Japan, Kim Bum will also be heading to England for a photoshoot after filming for Dream ends. Thereafter, Kim Bum will be volunteering in an activity to help needy orphans in the Philippines as well.

source: coolsmurf
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KAC says “Kim HyunJoong will continue to be our ambassador”

While the fact that 5-member male group SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong caught H1N1 flu virus is made known to the public, it is expected that they will continue to be the Korean Airport Ambassador.

KAC representative revealed to Money Today Star News on 9-Sep “We heard that Kim HyunJoong was infected with H1N1. However, this will not affect Kim HyunJoong and his group SS501’s status as our ambassadors will remain unchanged.”

SS501 had been appointed as Ambassadors of Korean Airport Corporation (KAC) through the appointment ceremony held in Kimpo Airport on 13-Jul. At that time, KAC explained “SS501 is a rising Hallyu Star and their image is in line with Kimpo airport’s image which is to become the pivot airport for Northeastern Aisa, which is why they were appointed as our ambassador.”

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong went to Japan for KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Promotional event held in Yokohama on 5th & 6th Sep, and is currently diagnosed with H1N1. He was admitted to one hospital in Tokyo to receive treatment.

Credits : Starnews + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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