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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Special Message from Warner Music + photo from Warner Music Malaysia

Dear All,

We would like to apologize for the inconvenient caused. This is not an excuse but just to share with you guys that it is not easy to bring in Korean artist to Malaysia. At the very last minutes we have this big opportunity and we decided to bring them to Kuala Lumpur for all the SS501 fans. I’ll personally guarantee that we will do better if we have more time. We have around one working day to arrange everything, due to the long weekend break. I sincerely hope that you will continue to support SS501 and Warner Music Malaysia. With your support we hope to bring in more Korean artist to Malaysia. Thank you

From Hermond Cheng.

Here are some of their pictures:

When reposting please credit TripleS Malaysia photos courtesy of Warner Music Malaysia.

credit: triplesmalaysia

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[News] SS501 don’t want comparsion with TVXQ

Becauses of the recent South Korean combination of the TVXQ three members filed suit to the firm to dissolve the dilemma. Faced by the media asked whether we have confidence to replace TVXQ to become South Korea’s most popular groups? SS501 leader Kim Hyun-soon as the interpretation of re-combination of charm, not the same genre, so do not compare us. “And now South Korea has yet to announce this news, we can only hope that we can group the generous support of South Korea.”

December will come to Malaysia for concert

The five members of SS501, apart from leader Kim Hyun Joong Korean version because of “Meteor Garden “high-profile, the other members of the Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung-jun and Heo Young Saeng Head. The former also received a drama script, and will next year, each have their own drama, music and other independent work of art’s development. And when asked to come to Malaysia for concert, Kim Hyun-Joong said will be the end of December to January this year, the concert will show the way with similar concert in Japan. It is understood that the publicity and personal album to Malaysia’s SS501 dispatched nearly 30 bodyguards to defend them, but who are also accompanied by more than 10 great pomp.

Fans can only sign an album out of control appeared dissatisfied with insurance held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. SS501 only a signature will attract fans to a glimpse of idols clinched the style. But because record companies to stipulate that only in the present Persons be allowed to enter the market to buy albums. So many fans have been turned away. It is understood that this signature could also attract China, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore, fans from afar, there are even beginning at 7 am to Wanda Hotel queue, crazy level Jiaoren surprised. In addition, since record companies worry that South Korea would delay the SS501-back trip, therefore, record companies are also having tougher requirements. For each album only can signed by SS501 once member, and can only sign one, causing some fans unhappy, almost led to the scene out of control

credit: ss501fighting@wordpress

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[News] HyunJoong & Moon GeunYoung Have Something In Common

Credit: kbites
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Kim HyunJoong and Moon GeunYoung had been chosen as the best actor and actress of 2009 chosen by the netizens. On Yahoo! Korea, from July 11th to August 30th, voting had taken place for the 2009 Seoul Drama Awards. After the results had gone in from 50 different countries that had voted, SS501’s Kim HyunJoong and Moon GeunYoung were the winners. Each of them receiving several thousands of votes.

For this polling, three different languages were involved (Korean, English, Japanese). Kim HyunJoong received 46% from Korea, 49% from America, and 47% in Japan. Moon GeunYoung received 54% from Korea, 45% from America, and 43% from Japan.

Also, “Boys Over Flowers” had been chosen as the best drama getting 38% from Korea, 43% from America, and 42% from Japan. On September 11th, the best drama and the best actor and actress will be receiving “Popularity Award Chosen By Netizens.”
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[News] SS501 heading to Japan for Boys Over Flowers promotion

The main cast of Boys Over Flowers, Lee Minho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon will be in Yokohama, Japan this weekend, 5 - 6th September for promotions and promote their Story of Four Flower photo book.

SS501 was originally scheduled to appear for the 6th September event. But they will now be added to the line-up for 5th September as well. According to organizers, "SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong was in the drama itself and there were lots of strong demands from Japanese fans as well, so we decided to add SS501 to the earlier event as well."

Organizers said that tickets for the 6th September fanmeeting was already sold out while sales for the 5th September event are fast selling out, after SS501 was added to the line-up. SS501 have just completed their DVD filming and fansigning in Malaysia on 3rd September and will fly straight to Japan soon.



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